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Madagascar 3 OS Thread

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It looks like Dreamworks movies trump Pixar OS.

Not sure if that's true - the last three Pixar originals (Rat,Wall-E,Up) grossed 1.153bn Os for an average of 384m - which crushes the last three Dreamworks originals (MvA,HTTYD,MegaM) which only managed 634m for an average of 211m.When it comes to sequels Dreamworks get closer - but even then TS3 and Cars 2 managed an Os average of 508m which still manages to beat the average of SFA, KFP2 and PIB at 473m.All of which means that Madagascar 3 should beat Brave. Brave should crush ROTG.And Monster University should flatten them all. :PStill my 550m WW for this looks a bit low :D but I shall wait for IA4 and Brave to hit before giving up all hope.
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