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Raegr's Controversial Box Office Predictions of 2018

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Insidious: The Last Key


January 5th, 2018






Seeing how much of a powerhouse Jason Blum has become, any movie he puts out is guaranteed to be profitable. His business model has attracted the likes Get Out, Split, The House and Happy Death Day. The Insidious franchise has been mostly financially successful with an average domestic gross of 63M. With 2017 wrapping up, I expect Insidious: The Last Key to perform better than it's previous installment since we haven't had a horror film since October. This also does not have much competition as it is January, which is prime real-estate for this film to succeed. 




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January 12th, 2018



Paddington 2


Brits love this movie and with amazing WoM I expect this to break out not only domestically but also WORLDWIDE! As of December 6th, 2017 Paddington 2 sits at 38M worldwide playing in few markets. Unfortunately, Paddington is not a big enough brand to attract families and with Star Wars, Ferdinand, Coco and Jumanji, this will miss out on a few million. This would have played better during Thanksgiving... oh well!






Proud Mary 

Taraji P. Henson is a big actress and she makes her return to the big screen after Girls Trip and the small screen debut on Empire. Not only will this attract women, it will attract Black Woman (and some black men) who made Hidden Figures and Girls Trip a huge hit. This is very action heavy but based on the director's track record, it's fair to say it's reviews won't be amazing. Internationally this film may do well but international markets may not be too warm to the idea of a Black Woman  leading a big action flick, I'd love to be proven wrong. For now:







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7 minutes ago, Hatebox said:

Raegr, just because I put your previous incarnation on ignore doesn't mean you had to go to the hassle of making another one. :cheekkiss:

Awe man, you're the reason why I made this new account. Couldn't bare you not seeing my over predictions and meltdowns :apocalypse:

But in all seriousness I wanted a new account as a refresh, start new and make changes :D 


But you all know it's me anyways....


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9 minutes ago, TalismanRing said:

Look at title, looks at poster of the topic...




Raegr/ck5111 - maybe you should choose one moniker and stick with it.

Oh no oh no, I'm not @raegr I just share the same IP address, speak the same way as him, sit in his chair, worship the same woman and use the same keyboard. Huge coincidence!

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Just now, Lor San Tele said:


He now has. :) 

Hey guys my name is @wakandaforever21 how do I click on quote?


breathes heavily


I'm so new here, I totally have no other accounts, who are the mods here again?




raegr, I'm not him, who is that?


nose gets bigger


Ha ha, over predictions what's that, i've never done that before 


obsesively goes to profile views to make sure mods don't peak my obvious game


Same IP? no raegr is my brother


uses crappy proxy that doesn't even hide ip



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January 19th, 2018



Den Of Thieves


Don't know too much about this but it sounds like it has a very interesting action packed plot. North America won't care but this will play very well internationally.






21 Strong


Not much to say about this, very little buzz and it's an R-rated horror war movie. This looks like another throwaway January movie...


With that being said:




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