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SOTM 9 - Making $100M

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Here is a nice simple task. 


Choose up to 6 films. Any six films. 


Your task is for their combined February gross (well from Feb 1st to end of game) to make as close to $100M as possible.  



Under $100M Scoring:


98-100M  - 75,000 points

95-98M  - 50,000 points

90-95M  - 25,000 points

85-90M  - 0 points


84-85M - Minus 1,000 points, then minus another 1,000 points for every subsequent million too low.



Over $100M Scoring:


100-102M  - 60,000 points

102-105M  - 40,000 points

105-110M  - 20,000 points

110-115M  - 0 points


115-116M - Minus 2,000 points, then minus another 2,000 points for every subsequent million too high.


Abstain for Minus 3,000 points.

No entrance into this SOTM is minus 10,000 points


Deadline is the usual

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