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ANNABELLE COMES HOME | 157.1 M overseas ● 231.3 M worldwide

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In highlights, Mexico opened on a non-traditional Thursday, grossing an estimated $1.1M on 2,359 screens, ranking No. 2. The launch is on par with Annabelle and 55% ahead of The Conjuring. Including previews, the running cume is now $1.5M.
Indonesia debuted on Wednesday to an estimated $807K from 989 screens at a dominant No. 1. This is the 2nd best opening day ever for a WB horror film, only behind The Nun. The 2-day running cume is $1.7M.

Russia had a No. 1 start of $604K on 1,880 screens Thursday and bested all of the Conjuring universe titles except The Nun. In Korea, the 2-day come is $733K. In Vietnam, Annabelle coming home gave WB the studio’s 3rd best debut ever at $442K on Wednesday. The running tally through yesterday is $1M.

Further cumes through Thursday include UAE at $376K, Brazil at $327K, Malaysia at $326K and Australia with $227K.



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In wider release this weekend, Warner Bros/New Line’s Annabelle Comes Homeadded $8.8M on Friday to bring the offshore cume to $21.1M. With No. 1s in 25 of 63 markets now in play, the franchise entry is led by Mexico at $3M, followed by Indonesia with $2.6M, Russia at $1.2M, and Korea and India tied with $1.1M.


It dropped on Friday? WTF? That's not normal for an OS release.

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5 hours ago, The Horror of Lucas Films said:


It dropped on Friday? WTF? That's not normal for an OS release.

If you read carefully both the tweet and the first quote from Deadline, $12.2m was through Thursday, and Annabelle opened on Wednesday in some countries.

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New Line horror Annabelle Comes Home debuted in 63 markets on $45m, ranking number one in 22, and combined with the North American launch for a $76.2m global bow.


Warner Bros international executives said compared to like-for-like markets, horror was tracking some 6% ahead of Annabelle, and 55% ahead of The Conjuring. It delivered the highest regional opening weekend for a horror film this year in Latin America, and Mexico led the way as the highest international territory of the entire weekend session on $6.9m in second place.


Elsewhere, Annabelle Comes Home opened in Indonesia at number one on $5m, India at number three on $2.6m, Russia at number one on $2.5m, Malaysia at number one on $2.2m, and Vietnam at number one on $1.9m for the best debut in the Conjuring universe. Brazil generated $1.8m for number two, Thailand $1.6m for number one and a Conjuring universe opening record, Taiwan $1.5m for number two, Colombia $1.4m for number two, and Australia $1.4m for number three.


Source: Screen Daily 

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