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SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 | 273.2M overseas ● 431.5M worldwide

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44 minutes ago, Purple Minion said:

Found the info. As per Mojo, it did $70M+ in the region. With the ER changes, don't think this can reach $100M especially with TS4 in store.

But it opens after TS4 and Winter's Holidays releases can coexist just fine in South America  (Although I guess it should be more affected in Mexico). Pets 1 faced Ice Age and Dory.


And is definitely not reaching 100m USD. 

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The well-reviewed sequel had difficulty domestically this weekend, and is not at the levels of the previous blockbuster installment overseas where competition is rife. Folks have not necessarily rushed out to see it on opening weekend, indicating the possibility of sturdy legs — the UK and Russia had small drops in their 3rd frames — but messaging on how this film differs from the first has been blurry.


However, there is much road ahead for the Illumination/Universal title which rolls out over the next two months and has yet to hit such majors as Australia, Germany, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, France, Spain and Mexico. Each of those markets is key for the film.

This session, the Pets grossed $16M for a $49M offshore total thus far in 30 markets. The Chris Renaud-helmed animation was No. 1 in nine of those this weekend. Globally, it is approaching $100M.

Netherlands led openers this frame with $1.74M at 139 locations for the top spot and ahead of Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks The Internet. Vietnam was also a No. 1 opening with $1.25M at 185, coming in just below Pets 1. Italy made $1.1M at No. 2; last time around, Secret Life Of Pets had a special screening at the Venice Film Festival just before it opened. 

Elsewhere, the UK had a strong hold in weekend three, down just 25% to cume $18.9M. Russia has made $16.9M to date. Australia takes these guys out for a walk next weekend.



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It's a staggered release so not sure where it will end up yet.

Last weekend had $16 with $1.5m of previews added in from previous week for Netherlands, so total true weekend was $14.5

This weekend: $8.5 with 2 new small markets of 600K so true weekend: $7.9 or so.

-45% drop from last weekend


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On 6/16/2019 at 11:25 AM, Omni said:

MinaTakla, I was wondering if this movie's performance could make you finally root for some good animation movie instead of the usual Illumination crap :P

Ha! Well I am rooting for some non-animation films later this year too but then I feel like..there's too much doom and gloom here about them that makes me feel sorry for them somehow.. apparently everyone (probably except you :p) thinks Minions 2 is certain to flop and drop I dunno like 50%-60% WW and that Illumination is (close to) dead and that Sing 2 and whatever else they make is gonna flop etc..

so I feel like they suddenly became a true underdog lol now that everyone is gleefully certain that their upcoming stuff will flop and all..which

sounds weird to say for a studio this size and track record 

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9 minutes ago, Godzilla said:

It seems like this is collapsing overseas... 

Too early to tell. The film has a very slow rollout and has most of Latin America, Europe and Asia left.

It fell -40% something from last weekend and had a good Australia debut despite facing TS4.

So too early to judge really but it will end up less than part 1 for sure so there's that.

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It only opened in Norway and Hong Kong this weekend, other than Australia, and it faced TS4 in many markets.

Germany and Brazil next weekend will give us a better picture of this movie's prospects.

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