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The Box Office Buzz and Tracking Thread (December 2021 - July 2023)

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1 hour ago, ZattMurdock said:

I guess it’s a movie going fatigue more than superhero fatigue after all. There is a recent article on one of Brazil’s biggest newspapers talking about this recently. I know this is no discussion thread and few people will be able to read this without using twitter’s translate (except @ThomasNicole, @CJohn, @ThatWaluigiDude and a few others I guess), but I do agree this is an worldwide sentiment right now:


People aren’t just more picky with their moviegoing experiences, they literally have too many options and most of them cheaper than attending the movies at a movie theater. It’s not just streaming, it’s how the tech evolved that a lot of us have better tech to watch films at home than a lot of movie theaters.

Also, at least here, the phones and people talking are regular things in movie theaters which is annoying for something you are paying premium price for.

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3 hours ago, TheFlatLannister said:

It’s pretty clear this “Maverick boost” isn’t an actual thing. If it was, early tracking would have picked up on it 


the maverick boost is likely to come in the intl gross which we don't have tracking on.

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Switching to the new thread now. This will be a longer process than I hoped because, well, because I thought there was a split feature the forum software apparently no longer has... so we're going to do this the harder way. But new thread is up:



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