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Thank You Grim!

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Dear Everyone,


@grim22 just alerted that due to his growing family responsibilities, he's going to step back from his moderation duties.  Grim's been a staple of this board for longer than I've been here.  It definitely feels like a changing of the guard, but family's family.  Grim will be awarded permanent Gold Status.


Grim, I hope that you continue to be a great part of this community, and to quote that famous wrestling term: We wish you luck in your future endeavors.   


The Mod Staff.


In the meantime, @ZeeSoh will be appointed to Junior Admin.  So it'll be me, ZeeSoh, and @Eric Mitchell.  We are currently not looking for new mods, but if that changes, we will open applications.  

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Grim, thanks for all your work in helping BOT be such a great place over the years. Like ole Bruce a few iterations ago, may you contently brunch with your family for the indefinite future, unbothered by the craziness. 


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We may have had our differences a few times, but grim has always been a mod who can handle the tough stuff and if he hadn't been around the weekend threads the first few years I joined, this place would've been a very different place. Thanks for all you've done @grim22, and I hope you enjoy more time with your family :)

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You've done a fantastic job as a moderator @grim22. I'll remember all those good and funny memories I had with you. Without you this place would be way off worse. I appreciate your work, and wish you well in your personal life. 

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@grim22 was one of the folks who had the thankless job of moderating these boards in the mid to late 2010's during the Trump era, the worst of the Marvel vs. DC flame wars, Star Wars toxicity, female Ghostbusters reboot culture clash, #MeToo etc. etc. and he and his teammates did a fantastic task of ensuring this place became a more hospitable, inclusive and welcoming board vs. the venomous bog it could have easily turned into without diligent moderation.


Mad respect to him for that and more.

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Another big one bites the dust. Adulthood keeps coming to take the big members. @grim22 I hope you continue to show up on the forums.

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