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Eric Twister

Priscilla | A24 | November 3, 2023 | Sofia Coppola-directed biopic about Priscilla Presley

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The Elvis comeback tour continues.


With Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis proving its bona fide hit status by crossing the $150 million domestic mark, another Elvis feature project is heating up.


The story of Priscilla Ann Presley, who married Elvis Presley, is getting the biopic treatment courtesy of filmmaker Sofia Coppola and A24.


Coppola wrote the script and will direct the project, titled Priscilla, which will star Cailee Spaeny as Mrs. Presley. Jacob Elordi, one of the stars of The Kissing Booth as well as Euphoria, will portray the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.


Filming begins in Toronto this fall.


The project is based on Priscilla Presley’s memoir, Elvis and Me. Presley was only 14 and living in Germany when she met Elvis, then 23, at a party in 1959. He was smitten, and a multiyear courtship began, with her strict parents reluctantly giving in to the persistence of the star, with the young girl eventually moving into the Graceland estate. They married in 1967 and had their only child, Lisa Marie Presley, the following year.


The courtship and marriage were marred by Elvis’ many infidelities, with Priscilla having her own affairs, including one with her karate instructor that ultimately led to the end of the marriage. Elvis was also controlling and suppressed any career ambitions she would have.


A24 will distribute in North America. Vision Distribution will distribute in Italy while Stage 6 Films/Sony Pictures International Releasing will distribute in the rest of the world. 


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The actors playing Elvis and Priscilla are the same age. From Sofia Coppola's comments, it seems like the movie is going to get into how Priscilla was a teenager in Graceland but will it really call out for Elvis being predatory without sugarcoating things? With this project being an adaptation of Priscilla Presley's memoir, I have my doubts. I don't approve, but I tip my hat to how this year's Elvis managed to technically mention their age gap while completely dancing around the moral sketchiness of it, I didn't think that was possible.





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I do think Elordi gives consistently fine performances on Euphoria (the acting is definitely not the problem with that pretentious, R-rated teen soap opera) but jury's still out if he'll have much of a career beyond the show (although his obviously fake piano playing in Deep Water was solid gold). Who knows, maybe he'll actually impress me here when I see this, though I'm already chuckling at the notion of everyone comparing this and Elvis when they're going to be two vastly different projects (both in terms of perspective and obviously filmmaking style).

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  • Could this have been timed any worsely? We just had very popular Elvis film last year.
  • Elordi is way too tall for the role 
  • Casting him as Superman pre release has pros and cons depending on how there performance is reviewed
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12 minutes ago, excel1 said:
  • Could this have been timed any worsely? We just had very popular Elvis film last year.

You do know that these projects are approaching his life from completely different angles right? It's based on Priscilla's memoir (she's also a producer on this).


The comparisons to that movie are inevitable regardless but I'm intrigued by what we're seeing from this so far.

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2 hours ago, JustLurking said:

find someone that looks at you the way excel looks at Elordi playing superman


like dollar signs?


If the film hits and JE is well received, this would great news for supes if he were cast

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I think this will be seen as a response or a counterpoint to the Baz Luhrmann film, one that will likely tackle the age difference head on, which the other one brushed over. The response from the Presley estate suggests that the portrayal of Elvis himself is not so flattering.

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