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Eric Duncan

M3GAN 2.0 | May 16, 2025

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The Universal, Blumhouse and Atomic Monster title blew away its $17M-$20M projections this past weekend with a $30.2M start taking the second spot in a U.S./Canada marketplace still dominated four weekends later by James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way Water which did $45M and crossed the half billion mark. M3GAN reps a fantastic start to the box office year, especially with an original piece of IP, and the pic’s success is launching New Zealand filmmaker Gerard Johnstone’s talents out of a canon before Hollywood. Not to mention, it’s a great beginning for the ultimate team-up betwee Blumhouse and Wan’s Atomic Monster which are in final talks to merge. We heard on Friday per sources that a sequel is already in early development.


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I really hope they lean into the campiness more in the sequel. Saw this again with a crowd this weekend, and people's reactions to the few really fun and campy scenes in the movie made it honestly a better watch the second time around.

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15 minutes ago, Brainbug said:


Ill be disappointed if the sequel doesnt get at least a 90% RT score as well.

I'm sure there will be some pushback now after the novelty has worn off, but I'm very excited to see what Akela Cooper will do when tasked with expanding on her own ideas. I'm expecting them to go crazier, but the further they go, the further that % will drop from the first lmao. Though unlike most horror films of this nature, that's a hell of a lot of goodwill going into the sequels.

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