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Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania -- Domestic Opening Weekend Contest!!

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Does anyone have any orange slices?  


The start of Phase 5 for the MCU is upon us! Kang is here! How will Scott deal with this menace?! We will all find out in 11 days but until then I think it's time we have a contest for bragging rights 😎


The contest is simple! All you have to do is predict the domestic opening weekend total (previews + FSS).

Whomever is closest to the actual, will win one month of premium on the BOT Forum. 




Rules & Notes

  1. Leave a comment with your domestic opening weekend prediction. 
  2. You can edit or change your prediction, but if you predict more than once (in separate comments) I will use the LAST comment you posted with numbers.
  3. You can go over or under, it only matters who is the fewest dollars away.
  4. Try to be as accurate as possible to prevent ties (full 9 digits).
  5. In the event of a tie, the tied users will go another round and predict the 2nd domestic weekend. 
  6. Predictions will close at 11AM EST - Tuesday, February 14th. 


Paul Rudd Disney GIF by Regal

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Friday: $50,386,547 ($18,000,000 previews)

Saturday: $34,718,964

Sunday: $28,148,095


I know the dailies aren't necessary but posting them anyway for fun.


Also, I have a feeling it'll be bigger than this but I wanted this to be close to my original gut instinct back in January for posterity. On the other hand this might be a case of a fan driven, frontloaded Marvel entry that doesn't bring in the GA like a Wakanda Forever and therefore ends up with a number that doesn't quite match the hype. So yeah, I'm going with this number (with the general impression that it'll actually be bigger).

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41 minutes ago, XXR You Ok Annie said:

I’m gonna go with….




On 8/6/2022 at 3:46 PM, XXR You Ok Annie said:

It's been a minute since I made a new club and we're just about to reach the 6th month threshold for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania so I decided to sneak this one in a bit early :bagoverhead:


Combined, the first two movies in the Ant-Man series made $133,037,731 on their opening weekends. I say Quantumania can take them both down! Here's how....


This is a man who has conviction in his own club! 👍




Also, for all those entering guesses, a pair of clubs to think about:


For the pessimists:

(under 90m)


And for the optimists:

(over 133m)

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