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45 minutes ago, SchumacherFTW said:

No offence to Jonathan Majors, but I do not understand the hype for Kang. I thought he was being built up as this big bad, show me that he's actually worthy of that, kill off a main character, give me stakes. Stop telling me how damn powerful he is and show me! 

Also MODOK sucks a bag of dicks. 

Hype for Kang is just by Marvel fans who realized that movie was shit and they latched onto one of few decent things and hyped them as the next big thing.


I myself am not impressed by him, they presented him as some normal villain and the mid credit scene was a joke.


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Still dug modok and enjoyed majors performance but found the ending with him so pointless and inconsequential.


It doesn't really expand much on the Kang character IMO from what we got from Loki


Post credits scenes were meh.


The only post credit scenes I've liked since the start of phase 4 where the schang chi ones. Yeah after this movie I think without spoiling I get what the ten rings probably are....




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On 2/17/2023 at 10:22 PM, Verrows said:

All the issues you guys are raising pretty much come down to one thing: Marvel NEEDS to get better writers. They really do, or this ship is sinking. It all comes down to the writing.

Agreed. They got an amazing cast and a treasure trove of characters for which they've built up a ton of goodwill from the audience but have put out exactly one truly memorable film since Thanos was put down. And I'm the biggest MCU fan there is!


I'd argue that the biggest loss to the franchise since Endgame was not RDJ and Evans, but Markus and McFeely. Those guys know how to write these characters, and how to put together a solid screenplay with a gazillion characters and still maintain a coherent plot with a true/palpable threat, and plenty of humor where appropriate.


I didn't hate Quantumania as much as some of you but it's another so-so effort and a drastic course-correction is needed. Feige should just throw whatever he's cooking (and whomever he's cooking it with) regarding "The Kang Dynasty" and "Secret Wars" in the trash and toss however much money is necessary at Markus/McFeely and the Russos to bring them back to lead these upcoming tentpole team-up movies.

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Very mixed bag. Some of it was fun, but god, the plot became a complete mess.

But Kang was great, and I was glad to see him as the Mad Pharoah from the future in the mid scredit scene, which is where he made his first appreance way back in 1963 in Fantastic Four 20, I beleive.

I wonder if they will get into the fact that Kang is a descendant of Reed Richards?

ALos liked Pffiefer also,

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