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FAST X | 558.7M overseas | 704.9M worldwide

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Fast &Furious Franchise (Japan)


Opening Weekend (SS)
Gross Admits
Fast & Furious 9 ¥‎553,156,070 351,848 371 840 ¥‎3.67B 6.63x
The Fate of the Furious ¥‎633,000,000 420,058 356 710 ¥‎4.05B 6.39x
Furious 7 ¥‎548,347,100 385,428 336 640 ¥‎3.54B 6.45x
Fast & Furious 6 ¥‎445,551,500 330,385 300 610 ¥‎2.02B 4.53x
Fast 5 ¥‎216,916,100 185,558 290 412 ¥‎1.44B 6.64x
Hobbs & Shaw ¥‎503,709,600 331,276 347 734 ¥3.06B 6.07x


  • Fast& Furious 4 opened with ¥363,452,200 / 281,975 admits across 4-days // did ¥950M Final.
  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift opened with ¥333,430,450 / 244,679 admits throughout Monday // did ¥1.0B Final.
  • No Wkend Reports on F1 & F2 did ¥450M &¥700M Final respectively!
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On 5/14/2023 at 4:16 PM, Grebacio said:

Here in Argentina, the franchise is a monster and at least the OW for Fast X is promising. Just checked presales and there are some sold outs showings and most of the showings are at least 50% sold.

Pre-sales here in Brazil are very good too. It's outselling Guardians 3 in both locations that we track and in one of them by a landslide.

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