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SURVIVOR MUSHROOM KINGDOM Episode Four: "Daisy's Dojo"

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@Agafin @Asyulus @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @DetectiveAl @elcaballero @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Morieris @Rorschach @Wrath


Princess Daisy: Welcome to my karate dojo! If you're going to find Peach, then you'll have to learn some fighting techniques! Those Dark Versions will be good punching bags to practice your martial arts once you've finished training! Where are the tribe leaders? Please step forward.


MorierisEthan Hunt, and elcaballero step forward.


Princess Daisy: Please choose a martial arts accessory that your squad will be fighting with!

Morieris: Ooh! I call the nunchucks!

Ethan Hunt: Uhh... Boxing glove.

elcaballero: I think the staff seems pretty cool.

Princess Daisy: Nice! Now start your training!


The Koopa Squad starts training.

DAJK: If only this were as easy as playing the Wii.

Rorschach: Yeah, it's not that kind of nunchuck, is it?

Morieris: Less yammering, more hammering, boys! Nail down these techniques!

Goldenhour36: Hey Alfred—can you tell us more about the Dark versions?

The Dark Alfred: Yeah, man. They're like our total opposites.

Goldenhour36: In a Jordan Peele's Us way or a Lizzie McGuire Movie way?

The Dark Alfred: Nice reference, dude! But yeah, they're like us, except dangerous. I think Shadow Mario controls them.

Goldenhour36: Why doesn't he control you? Aren't you a "dark" Alfred?

The Dark Alfred: I'm a stoner, dude! You think I'm the conquering type? Nah, I'm the cool type, man!

Goldenhour36: (ponders)


Confessional - Goldenhour36: Oof... Based on what The Dark Alfred said... And based on what JJ-8 told me during Wiggler Wallop... I think I'll eat a Red Mushroom today. This battle looks difficult, so I need to prepare myself...


Meanwhile, the Goomba Squad starts training.

Wrath: Aim for the punching pads.

(Jack Sparrow punches Wrath in the face.)

Wrath: I said the punching pads.

(Jack Sparrow punches Wrath's face again.)

Wrath: Okay, that's enough practice.

Ethan Hunt: Is something on your mind, Agafin?

Agafin: I don't know if these boxing gloves suit my fighting style.

Ethan Hunt: How else would you fight these dark versions?

Agafin: (sigh) I don't know...


Confessional - Ethan Hunt: Agafin could probably use his science knowledge to fight the dark versions, so if he has to use boxing gloves instead, that makes him appear weaker! I like the guy, but this is Survivor after all! Ha ha ha...


JJ-8: Hey Poirot!

DetectiveAI: You have all the detective names... Hey, what—

JJ-8 eats a red mushroom.

DetectiveAI: Aren't those, like, poison?

JJ-8: No, this is the red mushroom! I had one last time and it worked well!

DetectiveAI: I'm unconvinced.

JJ-8: It'll help us win! C'mon man! Don't say no to the mushroom man!

DetectiveAI: If you insist. (eats a red mushroom)


Meanwhile, the Pokey Squad starts training.

Cap: All right. We're down two members, so it's really important that we do a good job on this one.

Asyulus: But... A staff? It's a stick, really.

elcaballero: You've seen Morgan in The Walking Dead, right? Staffs are awesome weapons.

Fancyarcher: I hope you're right. For all our sakes.


Everyone faces their doppelgängers in a boxing ring. It's like one of those WWE all-out brawls where there's lots of wrestlers onstage.

Princess Daisy: It's time to duel! What say you!

Shadow Mario: Bring it on!

Everyone fights their doppelgängers.

Dark Jack Sparrow: Disavow friendship!

Jack Sparrow: I'll never disavow friendship!

Meanwhile, Rorschach and Dark Rorschach exchange blows.

Dark Rorschach: Nice nunchucks. Where'd you get 'em? GameStop?!

Rorschach: You need to work on (finishing blow) your punchlines!


DAJK looks around.

DAJK: Huh? Where's my doppelgänger?

A mirror wheels itself up to DAJK.

DAJK: Oh no! Am I regular? Or am I dark? 😖


Dark Fancyarcher walks up to Fancyarcher.

Fancyarcher: Let me get this straight. You're wearing a Hawaiian shirt, beach shorts, and flip flops?

Dark Fancyarcher: Yeah. What's so bad about that?

Fancyarcher: IT'S NOT FANCY ENOUGH! (they spar)


Asyulus and elcaballero work together to defeat their doppelgängers.

Asyulus: Staffs aren't so bad after all. Nice recommendation.

elcaballero: Thanks, dude.

Asyulus: I think you're a pretty good leader.

elcaballero: 😯 Really?

So begins the Asyulus/elcaballero friendship.


Dark Ethan Hunt: Here, I made you a sandwich.

(Ethan Hunt takes the sandwich. His hands get sticky because of the ridiculous amount of barbecue sauce on it.)

Ethan Hunt: It's hard to believe there's an even more dastardly version of myself than I.

Wrath: No kidding. Dark Wrath's over here trashing independent comics.

Dark Wrath: Who needs Hellboy when you can just read the 1,000th Spider-Man story?

Wrath: How irritating...


Dark Morieris towers over Morieris. Goldenhour36 punches Dark Morieris out of the ring!

Goldenhour36: Hey. You okay?

Morieris: Normally I'd say, "hey I'm no damsel in distress," but... I appreciate that.

Dark Goldenhour36: (flexes) Are brains really better than brawn?

Goldenhour36: Discombobulate. (Goldenhour36 discombobulates Dark Goldenhour36.)

Morieris: Ooh, nice Sherlock Holmes reference!


Dark Agafin: Here's an unscientific way of winning the battle!

Dark Agafin drops a banana peel. Agafin slips on it.

JJ-8: Agafin! No!

DetectiveAI: They're not just doppelgängers. They're complete opposites of us!

The Dark Alfred: Wait. That Shadow Mario's not a doppelgänger!

Cap: I think I know exactly who that is!

Cap whacks Shadow Mario. Poof!

Bowser Jr.: My disguise... 🥺

Cap: Do your math homework, Bowser Jr.!

The Dark Alfred: Phew. If I hadn't realized that, we might not have defeated the dark versions...

Regular Alfred: Nice job, Dark Alfred!




SLAM!: Welp, let's see how you did:




Goldenhour36 - (78.60% + 3%) - 81.60%

DAJK - 74.18%

Rorschach - 69.20%

The Dark Alfred - 66.10%

Morieris - 47.66%

Tribe Average - 67.75%


Rorschach: Nice one, Goldenhour36!

Goldenhour36: I didn't know I had it in me!

DAJK: ...




DetectiveAI - (70.58% + 3%) - 73.58% (individual immunity winner)

Ethan Hunt - 67.12%

JJ-8 - (58.54% + 3%) - 61.54%

Jack Sparrow - 61.12%

Wrath - 60.90%

Agafin - 52.49%

Tribe Average - 62.79%


JJ-8: Told ya Red Mushrooms work!

DetectiveAI: (wipes sweat from brow)

Jack Sparrow: Uh, guys? Are we about to lose someone?

Agafin: ...




Fancyarcher - 74.61%

Cap - 66.41%

elcaballero - 65.57%

Asyulus - 53.44%

Tribe Average - 65.01%


Asyulus: Yeah! We did it!

elcaballero: I'm not a fan of close calls, guys...


Looks like for the first time this season, the Goomba Squad will be headed to tribal council!


Here's the kart you unlocked this week:






And here's the




Head to the next post for a twist announcement.

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@Agafin @Asyulus @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @DetectiveAl @elcaballero @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Morieris @Rorschach @Wrath


Honey Queen: This honey's not gonna collect itself!

Rosalina: About that...

Honey Queen: Don't tell me you're hiring too, my sister in space.

Rosalina: I need some workers to help gather star bits to power my observatory.

Honey Queen: Come on. With that competitive pay you offer, all the workers will be buzzing to work for you!

Rosalina: Not necessarily. The job I'm hiring for is rather... risky.


SLAM!: That's right! It's another




It's exactly the same as last time. Two choices:




Pick this for normal Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom. Or:




Play this competition to potentially double the amount of coins you earn. But the last place player loses half their coins and is prohibited from accessing the competition's kart. Also, the last place player may find themself at a "strategic disadvantage" later in the game. (Story-wise, the first place player of this competition will betray the last place player by pushing them into a black hole...)


Again, each competition comes with its own unlockable kart. If you pick one competition, you have access to that competition's kart, but not the other competition's kart. Choose wisely, because which kart you have access to could have an effect on the game later on!


You will send me which competition you're playing for whenever you turn in the next weekend challenge predictions. If you do not choose a competition, your character will automatically play Honey Queen's Quandary. Let me know if you have questions, and good luck!


Now here's the


(Wario's Warehouse | Tribal Council | Weekend Challenge)


Twist Info

Again, you'll be sending me your choice between "Honey Queen's Quandary" and "Rosalina's Risky Mission" alongside your Weekend Challenge Predictions.


Wario's Warehouse

The Warehouse is officially open for business!


Every week, a subset of items will be on sale. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road!


Red Mushroom - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 3%; this can also be used on another tribemate.)

Poison Mushroom - 3 Coins (Decrease a specific player's prediction average by 3%.)

Bob-omb - 6 Coins (Pick a 5% range (ex. 65–70%); everyone within that range falls by 5%.)

Double Cherry - 6 Coins (Doubles your vote at tribal council.)

     - you can only use one per tribal

Warp Pipe - 7 Coins (Copy another player's average score and use it as your own.)


Message me to buy any item you want, any time to want to buy it. To tell me that you're using an item you've bought, message me by the corresponding prediction deadline of the weekend challenge or tribal council you'll be using it for!


Coin Totals


Ways to Earn Coins:

- Highest Score out of Everyone (5)*

- Highest Score on a 1st Place Tribe (5)*

- Highest Score on a 2nd place tribe (4)*

- Highest Score on a 3rd place tribe (3)*

- Score higher than the highest scorer on the 3rd place tribe (3)*

- Your tribe gets 1st or 2nd place (2) 

- Save Yourself from Elimination at Tribal (5)*

- Win Second Immunity (3)*

Vote for the one who goes home (1) 

- Survive Tribal Council (1)

* = I do not combine most earnings. If you are the highest scorer of the 1st place tribe, then I do not combine that with "being on the 1st place tribe," so you would earn 5 coins, not seven. If you save yourself from elimination and also vote for whoever goes home, you would earn 5 coins, not six. And so on. Let me know if you have any questions.


Fancyarcher - 20

DAJK - 19

Goldenhour36 - 17

Rorschach - 17

Agafin - 5

Asyulus - 15

DetectiveAI - 15

Cap - 14

The Dark Alfred - 13

Ethan Hunt - 13

Morieris - 12

JJ-8 - 12

Jack Sparrow - 12

elcaballero - 9



Sorry Goombas, but you will be sent to Tribal Council. All team members must send me a message with who they wish to vote off the island. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.



Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret

Evil Dead Rise


The Super Mario Bros. Movie


Votes are due by Wednesday at 9PM EST (temporary due to work shift).

Second Immunity Predictions are due by Tuesday, May 2nd at 11:59 PM PST.

(I recommend giving your vote alongside your second immunity predictions; you can always change it by Wednesday if you change your mind.)


Good luck to all of the Goombas!




Here's the films you'll predict three-day weekend grosses for next week:

AIR: Courting a Legend

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor among Thieves

Evil Dead Rise*

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

John Wick: Chapter 4

Love Again

The Super Mario Bros. Movie


* = Whoever gets the most accurate Evil Dead Rise prediction will secretly receive the yellow question block that would've been given out through the "ground-pound" twist!


Predictions are due by Thursday, May 4th around 11:59 PM PST. Good luck!


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@Agafin @Asyulus @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @DetectiveAl @elcaballero @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Morieris @Rorschach @Wrath


Producer: Good morning, survivors. The BOT network and I have talked to SLAM!, and we have come to a mutual agreement that some of the punishments for losing the fancy “choose your competition” challenge are a little too harsh. So we have decided to make some minor amendments. You will still lose half your coins and lose access to both karts, but for elcaballero, he will only be afraid of the wild wiggled kart (and not any other wiggler), and for the last place finisher of Rosalina’s Risky Mission, they will no longer find themselves in that mysterious “strategic disadvantage.” We hope this helps you make your decision this week!




@Agafin @DetectiveAl @Ethan Hunt @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Wrath 


Goombas. Soon, you will attend the first tribal council where all players have participated in the weekend challenge. As such, production has elected to use this moment to clarify/reiterate tribal council rules.


- Any item that potentially increases your Tuesday prediction percentage (i.e. red mushrooms and warp pipes) must be used by the Tuesday immunity deadline.

- All other items are fair game to be used by the Wednesday voting deadline.

- Individual immunity winners still have to vote for someone, or their next weekend challenge with have a -10% decrease.


Production thanks you in advance for an exciting full-participation tribal council and wishes you good luck in your efforts to outwit, outplay, and outlast.



Mr. Aviator Sunglasses Producer Man

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@Agafin @DetectiveAl @Ethan Hunt @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Wrath




The Goombas enter the area.

SLAM!: Good evening and welcome to Tribal Council, where someone will become the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom.

DetectiveAI: This is some impressive set design if I say so myself! Lots of barrels around. With the 'M' for Mario. Neat!

Jack Sparrow: I don't think I can vote someone out!

JJ-8: Don't worry, best friend! It's easy!

Wrath: (with two black eyes and patches) Apparently not as easy as hitting the mitt.

SLAM!: It's time to vote! Agafin, you're up first.



Agafin votes first—says nothing, simply votes.


Ethan Hunt votes next. He writes a name down and walks toward the seats as Wrath walks past him. Ethan Hunt makes a hand symbol where Wrath can see. Wrath sees it and gives a subtle nod. No one else notices the interaction.


JJ-8 votes while swaying to music in his head, then DetectiveAI scratches his chin and writes down a name. Then it's Jack Sparrow's turn. He grits his teeth, then writes down a name and shows his vote to the camera.


Jack Sparrow (to audience): I'm voting for myself! I don't have the heart to vote someone out! They're all my friends! ☹️


Jack Sparrow returns to his seat.

SLAM!: If anyone has an advantage and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Ethan Hunt: (reads players' expressions)

JJ-8: (plays the 'air piano')

Agafin: ...




Agafin: I'm not ready to go just yet.







SLAM!: This means Agafin's Tuesday immunity score will increase by 15%.

Cold sweating ensues.


SLAM!: Let's see who won the Tuesday immunity challenge:


AGAFIN with a modified 103.90%!


JJ-8: You, sir, have earned the title of 'mushroom man'!

Agafin: Keep it. I don't want it.

JJ-8: 😯😊 Yay!

Ethan Hunt's face flushes red.


Confessional - Agafin: There's been a trend where the worst performing player in a losing tribe gets booted. So buying those mushrooms and securing immunity covers my bases. I just hope I'm not wasting this investment.


SLAM!: I'll read the votes. First vote:


Agafin (does not count)


SLAM!: Second vote:


Agafin (does not count)


SLAM!: Third vote:


Agafin (does not count)


SLAM!: Fourth vote:


Agafin (does not count)


SLAM!: Fifth vote:


Jack Sparrow (self-vote)


SLAM!: It's time to reveal the final vote.

Jack Sparrow and JJ-8 hold hands.

DetectiveAI scratches his chin.

Ethan Hunt and Wrath exchange looks.

Agafin stares stoically as SLAM! opens the parchment.




Wrath: Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Agafin slowly turns to Ethan Hunt.

Agafin: You are not the only one who knows who their friends are.

Ethan Hunt is ghost white.


SLAM!: Here is the votes' aftermath:






SLAM!: This means who survives will be determined by your Tuesday immunity prediction scores. Higher score stays, lower score goes.


One player scored 92.26%.


The other player scored 83.06%.


The eliminated player...




Jack Sparrow freezes in suspense.

Wrath tents his fingers like a villain.





Jack Sparrow: What? I survived?!

JJ-8: Yay! Best friends forever!

Wrath shakes his head and stands up.

Ethan Hunt: Wrath—

Wrath: It's not your fault. Just avenge me.

Wrath takes his torch, walks past a stoic Agafin, and presents the torch to SLAM!.

SLAM!: Wrath? The tribe has spoken.

SLAM! snuffs the torch. Wrath does a cool one-finger salute as he goes.

DetectiveAI: It's too bad he won't live. But then again, who does?

Ethan Hunt buries his head in his hands.

Confessional - Wrath: It's been real, folks. Ciao.


Post-Tribal Story Content


Later, in the Goomba barracks...


Ethan Hunt lies in bed, deep in thought. DetectiveAI walks in with a mug of coffee.

DetectiveAI: Hey dude. That's gotta be rough for you. You and Wrath seemed pretty close.

Ethan Hunt ignores him.

DetectiveAI sips his coffee, turns to leave

Ethan Hunt: Hey. Remember how I picked you?

DetectiveAI: ...Why? You need a favor?

Ethan Hunt stares into DetectiveAI's eyes.

DetectiveAI: Hey, that doesn't mean I owe you one, does it?

Ethan Hunt: Just eavesdrop on the other Goombas, and relay whatever they say back to me. Capisce?

DetectiveAI: I may be a detective, but I've never been one for eavesdropping.

Ethan Hunt: Get the intel, Al. For my trust.

DetectiveAI sips coffee and walks away.


Confessional - DetectiveAl: Survivor's harder than I thought. Do I give game info to Ethan, or do I keep it for myself? I have some thinking on my itinerary.

Confessional - Ethan Hunt: Agafin should've voted me out when he had the chance. Now he's woken up a sleeping giant.







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@Agafin @Asyulus @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @DetectiveAl @elcaballero @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Morieris @Rorschach


Honey Queen: You know what's sweeter than honey? Reminders! Please send your weekend challenge predictions and decision (between Honey Queen's Quandary and Rosalina's Risky Mission) by tonight, 11:59 PM PST or until the Thursday preview numbers are announced. 🐝🍯

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On 5/4/2023 at 3:30 AM, Agafin said:

Well, my strategy paid off his time, sorry Wrath.


Though I've now realised that I could have voted for myself and then let the Tuesday predictions decide the loser. Too bad.

Ah, nope, would have been Sparrow then. The funny thing is if Sparrow had also voted for you, then you 100% would have gotten to pick who was kicked out.

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