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WG Discussion Thread- OLIVE WINS! Iceroll 2, tylerdurden 3

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Oh shit, you're tempting me. I know I can possibly play Summer Game 2013 (possibly) but this occurring during my fall semester makes it a bit more complicated. Right now I'm borderline joining.And shit acsc, you're trying to run everything now aren't you? Between this and Survivor, you're going to have a lot on your plate. Wonder if that means you should pass Survivor's reigns on to someone else, as unfortunate as that may be. Unless you think you can manage both.P.S. I think this should either be placed in 1) Baumer's Summer Game forum or 2) a new sub-forum under Baumer's Summer Game forum (like how Box Office Alliance and Box Office Survivor each have their own subforums under the Games forum).P.P.S. I do want to join, just have to give it some time to think it over.

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Can I just let you know how awesome you are acsc1312 for taking the initiative and running both the Winter Game and Survivor. I'm sure you've made a lot of posters like me very happy.

No problem. I know how much I love the games on here, and want everyone to be able to experience them. We'll see how I am by the time Survivor ends, but until then, game on!
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