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Blade Runner 2049 | October 6, 2017 | Villeneuve directs | Full Trailer on Page 40

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Director: Denis Villeneuve

Writer: Hampton Fancher (Re-write: Michael Green) Idea by: Scott & Fancher

Executive Producer: Frank Giustra and Tim Gamble
Producer(s): Ridley Scott, Broderick Johnson, Andrew Kosgrove, Bud Yorkin and Cynthia Sikes Yorkin
Production Company: Alcon Entertainment

Distributor: Warner Bros.


Harrison Ford ... Rick Deckard

Filming: Summer 2016


Full trailer:

In regards to Ford coming back:


In no way do I speak for Ridley Scott, but if you’re asking me will this movie have anything to do with Harrison Ford, the answer is no. This is a total reinvention, and in my mind that means doing everything fresh, including casting.

Ridley Scott Wants Upcoming Blade Runner to be a Sequel to the Original

Ridley Scott to Direct New BLADE RUNNER Movie [updated] [update #2: Possibly Filming in 2013, Ford Unlikely]

Producer Andrew Kosove Says Screenwriter For New 'Blade Runner' Film Will Be Announced Soon, Black List Script 'Prisoners' Still On The Way

BREAKING: Harrison Ford In Early Talks For Ridley Scott's New BLADE RUNNER

‘Blade Runner’ Makers At Alcon Say Harrison Ford Not In Talks To Star

Ridley Scott Open to Harrison Ford Blade Runner Reunion

Blade Runner 2 News: Harrison Ford Returning Would Please Director

Ridley Scott Opens Up About 'Prometheus,' Kick-Ass Women, and 'Blade Runner 2'

Return of the 'Alien' Mind

Original BLADE RUNNER Screenwriter to Pen Sequel for Ridley Scott; Follow-Up Takes Place “Some Years” After First Film

Ridley Scott on His New Movie 'Prometheus,' 'Mad Men' and a 'Blade Runner' Sequel

Is Ridley Scott the most macho man in movies?


Director Ridley Scott Describes a Scene from the BLADE RUNNER Sequel


Sir Ridley Scott Teases PROMETHEUS Sequel...And Ford In BLADE RUNNER Follow-Up!?!?!?!

Ridley Scott Offers Blade Runner Sequel Update

I’m Nexus-7: Sean Young on Jug Face, Catwoman and More


Screenwriter Scott Z. Burns Clarifies His Involvement with Ridley Scott’s New BLADE RUNNER Film


Alcon, Ridley Scott Announce They’ve Hired Michael Green To Script ‘Blade Runner 2′



Ridley Scott On 'Prometheus' And 'Blade Runner' Sequels, And The One Thing He Absolutely Won't Do


BLADE RUNNER 2 Finds A Director; Harrison Ford Will Return As 'Deckard'


Ryan Gosling in Negotiations to Star in ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel


Denis Villeneuve: Blade Runner sequel "not an easy decision"

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Kosove said it is 'moving forward aggressively in development.'Will have an announcement soon on what the movie will be.

Sometime in the first two months of the new year we'll announce who the screenwriter will be and whether or not it's a prequel or sequel. And then we'll be off to the races.

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Blade Runner Screenwriter to Be Announced Soon


"Sometime in the first two months of the new year we'll announce who the screenwriter will be and whether or not it's a prequel or sequel. And then we'll be off to the races."

When asked if this Untitled Blade Runner Project will be Ridley Scott's next project, Andrew A. Kosove said it is a very high priority for the director.

"Here's the thing about Ridley. Ridley is a special guy. He's a force of nature. He's got a lot of stuff that he's working on. I believe it's an extremely high priority for Ridley, that's what he's said to me. This project is moving forward aggressively in development."

Andrew A. Kosove is also producing the Point Break remake, which was announced back in September. Kurt Wimmer is writing the screenplay, and it seems that they have a director in mind, although the producer wouldn't announce who the filmmaker is yet. Here's what Andrew A. Kosove had to say about the Point Break remake, and how much surfing we will see in this new version.

"This is the thing -- surfing is a part of it, but I will tell you that we believe firmly, in terms of remaking a film like this, we've got to make it fresh. It's not a literal remake of the original the way Footloose was -- it was identical to the original film. [Our Point Break] has got elements of the original and it's not just surfing, it's other kinds of extreme sports, but surfing is very, very prominent in the story. We're out to a director now, so if it were to go in that direction, it'd be a big announcement. We have someone who we think is the perfect filmmaker. I'd be very surprised if we weren't in pre-production in 2012."

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No one knows whether it'll be a true sequel or simply a story set in the BR universe.I'd actually prefer an original story -- what more can we learn about any of the main characters from BR that would be worthwhile?

Well, they've already made it pretty clear the cast would be new, which means it can't be a direct sequel.Whatever it is, I cannot wait...and if Prometheus turns out as good as I think...my head might explode from anticipation.
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