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Year 6 Actuals

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January 1-3: Oblivion Eclipses Spellforce

As the new year begins, the Holiday holdover's continue their dominance. The only new release that made any kind of a sound was "fun. Some Nights", which debuted in 4th place with a solid 8.22 million. The gross came in line with expectations, and the word-of-mouth is positive. The other new release was "Vague Genre Movie", which flopped with an unnoticeable but expected 1.92 million. The major headline was "Dawn of Oblivion's" rise to first this week, after spending its first three weeks of release in second. The Cameron fantasy flick scored an 18.76 million gross, climbing over the 200 million threshold. "Spellforce" fell to second but maintains a solid lead over "Dawn" by adding another 17.83 million. Meanwhile, "Once and Future King" spent its third straight week in third place, with a solid 14.89 million gross. Overall, an ordinary, lackluster weekend.

    [*]Dawn of Oblivion: 18,757,817 (4th week) -39.98% [*]Spellforce: Order of the Phoenix: 17,827,188 (4th week) -44.63% [*]Once and Future King: 14,891,827 (3rd week) -45.10% [*]fun. Some Nights: 8,216,877 (NEW) [*]Claustrophobia: 2,806,334 (10th week) -38.81% [*]The Affair: 2,507,558 (5th week) -42.93% [*]Eccentric Minds: 2,411,057 (6th week) -41.41% [*]Corso: 2,301,229 (5th week) -44.40% [*]Vague Genre Movie: 1,921,833 (NEW) [*]Minority: 1,572,338 (5th week) -39.50%


Top Ten Gross: 73,214,058 (-36.43%)


January 8-10Dawn, Spellforce Reign Over Weak Crowd”

In a very drab week, "Dawn" and "Spellforce" continued their reign. With no major new releases, the Holiday holdovers continue to chug along, and the holds this week were all around well. The only new release was "Killer Computer", the cult horror comedy that faltered right out the gate. The film debuted in 6th with 1.72 million, below even the lowest of expectations. The NC-17 rating and the bizarrity of the storyline kept many viewers away, but surprisingly, word of mouth was mostly positive, and the film looks to be a cult success. "Dawn" held onto first in its fifth frame, dropping just over 34% to a solid 12.34 million. In second, "Spellforce" continues to chug along, adding an additional 10.83 million, while "Once and Future King" was a close 3rd once again with 9.14 million. "fun. Some Nights" had a surprising hold, dropping only 32.75% to 5.12 million. The same was not for "Vague Genre Movie", which plummeted 70.7% in its second frame. Overall, the box office was at the lowest point in years.

    [*]Dawn of Oblivion: 12,343,857 (5th week) -34.19% [*]Spellforce: Order of the Phoenix: 10,827,839 (5th week) -39.26% [*]Once and Future King: 9,143,027 (4th week) -38.60% [*]fun. Some Nights: 5,120,033 (2nd week) -37.69% [*]Claustrophobia: 1,887,820 (11th week) -32.75% [*]Killer Computer: 1,717,823 (NEW) [*]Eccentric Minds: 1,632,047 (7th week) -32.31% [*]The Affair: 1,589,876 (6th week) -36.60% [*]Corso: 1,433,037 (6th week) -37.73% [*]Edward Tulane: 1,008,644 (5th week) -32.10%

---Vague Genre Movie: 563,047 (2nd week) -70.70%


Top Ten Gross: 46,704,003 (-36.21%)


January 15-18:Army of Two Claims Victory”

"Army of Two: The 40th Day" dominated this Martin Luther frame with a remarkable 44.06 million 4-day gross. The sequel blazed past its predecessor's 22 million start and went far beyond the highest of expectations, which set the film for a 25-33 million 4-day gross. It beat that in its first 3 days alone, where it clobbered first with 38.57 million. Word-of-mouth is mixed, and the Cinemascore was a B-. Meanwhile, chicks and young audiences flocked to "Taylor Swift: Safe and Sound." The biomusical debuted in second with 19.48 over the 4 day. The opening was also well ahead of expectations. Young audiences under the age of 21 made up more than 77% of the audience, and women accounted for 82%. Meanwhile, "Killer Computer" proved to have some staying power among the cult crowd. The film held much better than expected after a weak first frame. Dropping only 19.32% over the four day, the film added an additional 1.4 million. "Dawn" and "Spellforce" continue their lengthy runs, adding 10.3 and 8.4 million, respectively. "fun. Some Nights" took a harsh hit in the wake of "Taylor Swift", plumetting to 3 million after a good hold last week.

    [*]Army of Two: The 40th Day: 38,565,773/44,057,876 (NEW) [*]Taylor Swift: Safe and Sound: 17,669,827/19,481,337 (NEW) [*]Dawn of Oblivion: 8,610,338/10,315,686 (6th week) -30.25%/-16.43% [*]Spellforce: Order of the Phoenix: 7,061,827/8,449,857 (6th week) -34.78%/-21.96% [*]Once and Future King: 5,827,181/6,669,857 (5th week) -36.27%/-27.05% [*]fun. Some Nights: 2,592,837/3,087,868 (3rd week) -49.36%/-39.59% [*]Claustrophobia: 1,368,585/1,742,039 (12th week) -27.50%/-7.72% [*]Eccentric Minds: 1,055,059/1,347,288 (8th week) -35.35%/-17.45% [*]Killer Computer: 1,032,441/1,385,855 (2nd week) -39.90%/-19.32% [*]The Affair: 961,383/1,187,822 (7th week) -39.53%/-25.29%


Top Ten Gross: 84,745,251/97,725,485 (+81.41%/+109.24%)



January 22-24: Left Behind Comes Up In Front”

Horror fans were eager to gobble up "Left Behind", after spending months with their mouths watering for another horror outing. "Left Behind" didn't offer much new for the ghost sub-genre, but it was the most appealing film for horror fans, and the only horror film on the unsaturated market, so it debuted well ahead of expectations with 28.79 million. Its Friday gross was a remarkable 12.5 million. Word-of-mouth is average, with a Cinemascore of a C+, but because there are no other horror films out until "Unbalanced 3" makes a splash next month, it should have some staying power. Teen comedy "Yolo" also debuted fairly well, with a solid 10.2 million from 2,871 locations. Meanwhile, "Army of Two: The 40th Day" dropped hard, down 58.9% in its second frame to 15.8 million. Still, its total continues to well outpace its predecessor, and its gunning for a sub-100 million finish. "Taylor Swift" fans may have went gaga last weekend, but they stayed at home this frame, as the concert film dropped over 60% in its second frame, down to 4th with 6.6 million. It still placed ahead of "Dawn" this week, which added another 6 million, rounding out the top five. In limited release, docudrama "The Miracle at the Meadowlands" averaged $7,930 from 275 locations, enough to place in the top ten with 2.2 million. The film averaged an A- Cinemascore rating and has good word of mouth.

    [*]Left Behind: 28,791,826 (NEW) [*]Army of Two: The 40th Day: 15,847,850 (2nd week) -58.91% [*]Yolo: 10,226,575 (NEW) [*]Taylor Swift: Safe and Sound: 6,576,559 (2nd week) -62.79% [*]Dawn of Oblivion: 6,023,449 (7th week) -30.04% [*]Spellforce: Order of the Phoenix: 4,895,711 (7th week) -30.67% [*]Once and Future King: 3,335,057 (6th week) -42.77% [*]The Miracle at the Meadowlands: 2,181,022 (NEW) – limited [*]fun. Some Nights: 1,218,039 (4th week) -53.02% [*]Claustrophobia: 876,658 (13th week) -35.94%


Top Ten Gross: 79,971,746 (-5.63%)



January 29-31:Daniel Rigger Triggers First”

Rom-dram "The Story of Daniel Rigger" scored big with the female crowd. With females accounting for 58% of attendance, the adventure drama jumped to first with a solid 25.7 million take. Playing on just over 4,500 screens at under 3,000 locations, the film garnered great word-of-mouth, averaging an A- Cinemascore rating. The film looks to have good staying power and could be a powerful player through next month, with little in the way of direct competition. Expanding, but remaining in limited release, "The Miracle at the Meadowlands" held onto eighth but climbed 25% to 2.7 million. The documentary sports drama goes wide next month and is aiming for a solid total. Horror "Left Behind" dropped 56% in its second frame, adding an additional 12.7 million and surpassing 45 million in ten days (higher than its projected total). Its first major competition comes in two weeks in "Unbalanced 3". Meanwhile, "Army of Two" took third, dropping just under 50% for another 8.1 million, while "Yolo" and "Dawn" rounded out the top five with 4.7 and 4.5 million, respectively, and "Taylor Swift" continues to plumet, down to 7th place.

    [*]The Story of Daniel Rigger: 25,717,822 (NEW) [*]Left Behind: 12,715,047 (2nd week) -55.84% [*]Army of Two: The 40th Day: 8,076,591 (3rd week) -49.04% [*]Yolo: 4,687,685 (2nd week) -54.16% [*]Dawn of Oblivion: 4,528,839 (8th week) -24.91% [*]Spellforce: Order of the Phoenix: 3,127,020 (8th week) -36.13% [*]Taylor Swift: Safe and Sound: 3,028,186 (3rd week) -53.95% [*]The Miracle at the Meadowlands: 2,728,581 (2nd week – still limited) +25.11% [*]Once and Future King: 1,971,827 (7th week) -40.88% [*]Ratchet and Clank: 687,288 (11th week) +55.82%


Top Ten Gross: 67,268,886 (-15.88%)

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February 5-7: "Superbowl Scores On Football Weekend"

The high-tauted murder mystery thriller "Murder at the Superbowl" blazed in to first. Thanks to its exciting advertising campaign and its tie-in to the real life Superbowl, the star-studded thriller gobbled up 31.2 million in its opening debut. On Friday, it raked in 15 million. While it faltered the next two days (particularly on Sunday), it had positive word-of-mouth, averaging a B rating on Cinemascore. Males made up 61% of the audience, and people aged 18-24 accounted for 54%. Another football themed movie expanded into wide release. Saturing the market at 2,022 locations, "The Miracle at the Meadowlands" climbed to third in its third frame, adding 7.6 million to its healthy running start. The documentary is looking at a solid finish well over the typical for the genre, thanks to a successful platform release. The other big story this week was "The Story of Daniel Rigger." The Liam Neeson adventure/drama held remarkably well, down only 28.10% to 18.5 million, with a 10-day total of over 50 million. Debuting for a one week only event, "Unbalanced 2 & 3 Re-Release" was intended to hype up next week's blockbuster release of the threequel. The film claimed a solid 3.1 million, enough to place 6th on the charts. Meanwhile, "Yolo" is beginning to show some staying power, down only 41% to 2.8 million.

    [*]Murder at the Superbowl: 31,182,831 (NEW) [*]The Story of Daniel Rigger: 18,491,118 (2nd week) -28.10% [*]The Miracle at the Meadowlands: 7,582,822 (3rd week – wide) +177.90% [*]Left Behind: 6,501,293 (3rd week) -48.87% [*]Army of Two: The 40th Day: 4,572,118 (4th week) -43.39% [*]Unbalanced 2 & 3 Re-Release: 3,121,388 (NEW) [*]Dawn of Oblivion: 2,937,483 (9th week) -35.14% [*]Yolo: 2,768,585 (3rd week) -40.94% [*]Spellforce: Order of the Phoenix: 1,891,228 (9th week) -39.52% [*]Taylor Swift: Safe and Sound: 1,382,829 (4th week) -55.33%


Top Ten Gross: 80,421,695 (+19.55%)


February 12-15: "Pokemon a Champion on a Well-Balanced Weekend"

A box office war came with a big storm. The first major blockbusters of the year both arrived on the same weekend, and both went well above expectations. As the first major family/young adult blockbuster since "Spellforce" and "Dawn" in December, "Pokemon: The Champion's Gift" exploded into first with an awe-inspiring 72.6 million 4-day haul. The film went way ahead of its predecessor's 52 million opening, and it generated mostly positive word-of-mouth. Males made up 67% of the audience, and people aged 18 and under accounted for 59%. Of those polled, 82% said they had watched the previous "Pokemon" film in theaters on opening weekend. Meanwhile, horror buffs turned out in droves, as "Unbalanced 3" reached new heights with its 54.7 million 4-day launch. The film averaged a measley C rating on Cinemascore, but fans and horror buffs alike were searching for the perfect horror blockbuster, and "Left Behind" wasn't enough to fulfill that. "Unbalanced 3" filled the gap and scored huge. Last week's thriller "Murder at the Superbowl" fell to 4th, down 51% in its second frame. It added a still-solid 15.4 million over the four day. More impressive was "The Story of Daniel Rigger", which had the best hold of the weekend. Down less than 10%, the adventure added another 17.2 million and is on the fast track for the 100 million milestone. "The Miracle at the Meadowlands" rounded out the top five with a solid 6 million 4-day haul. Overall, the box office was the hottest it had been since Christmas weekend.

    [*]Pokemon: The Champion's Gift: 62,371,882/72,585,859 (NEW) [*]Unbalanced 3: 48,591,833/54,687,118 (NEW) [*]The Story of Daniel Rigger: 13,868,872/17,174,049 (3rd week) -25.00%/-7.12% [*]Murder at the Superbowl: 12,782,106/15,385,859 (2nd week) -58.01%/-50.66% [*]The Miracle at the Meadowlands: 4,958,685/6,027,113 (4th week) -34.61%/-20.52% [*]Army of Two: The 40th Day: 2,687,005/3,102,599 (5th week) -41.25%/-32.14% [*]Left Behind: 2,512,837/2,970,228 (4th week) -61.35%/-54.31% [*]Dawn of Oblivion: 1,944,857/2,206,750 (10th week) -33.79%/-24.88% [*]Yolo: 1,799,102/2,013,444 (4th week) -35.02%/-27.27% [*]Spellforce: Order of the Phoenix: 1,040,199/1,207,966 (10th week) -45.00%/-36.13%


Top Ten Gross: 152,557,378/177,358,985 (+89.70%/+120.54%)



February 19-21: "Pokemon Wins a Second Round"

As the excitement weens down, "Pokemon" maintains its remarkable lead. Down almost 60%, the film added an additional 25.7 million, well enough for a second consecutive first place finish. In second, "Unbalanced 3" was down a much harsher 67.5%, but its 15.8 million second weekend gross continues to put it on a fast track to match its predecessor's total, or surpass it. The openers came with a whimper. "Things Not Seen" was too niche to break out, but it still managed a solid, if unspectacular, 11.8 million, placing third on the chart. Faring worse, horror film "A Warning to the Curious" was also much too niche, and following "Unbalanced", it didn't have much room to grow. It opened in fifth with 6.9 million. Continuing to maintain its almost legs, "The Story of Daniel Rigger" spent its fourth week in the top five, down just under 25% to a solid 10.4 million.

    [*]Pokemon: The Champion's Gift: 25,659,872 (2nd week) -58.86% [*]Unbalanced 3: 15,791,822 (2nd week) -67.50% [*]Things Not Seen: 11,782,118 (NEW) [*]The Story of Daniel Rigger: 10,440,192 (4th week) -24.72% [*]A Warning to the Curious: 6,871,039 (NEW) [*]Murder at the Superbowl: 6,582,783 (3rd week) -51.50% [*]The Miracle at the Meadowlands: 3,108,329 (5th week) -37.32% [*]Army of Two: The 40th Day: 1,464,448 (6th week) -45.50% [*]Dawn of Oblivion: 1,103,491 (11th week) -43.26% [*]Yolo: 965,728 (5th week) -46.32%


Top Ten Gross: 83,769,822 (-45.09%)



February 26-28: "Audiences Sing A Love Song"

Romantic indie flick "Love Song" was just the perfect niche film to stand out in the crowded month. Audiences seeking an alternative flocked to the little indie pic, which garnered enough interest to peak at 15.7 million. The film ended "Pokemon's" reign, but "Pokemon" added another very solid 13.2 million in second. "Unbalanced 3" stabalized a bit, adding 7.2 million in third. "Minotaur 3D" didn't raise enough traction, fizzling in 6th place with an unremarkable 6.3 million haul. Meanwhile, last week's openers each averaged decent drops, with "Things Not Seen" making 6.7 million, and "A Warning to the Curious" down a respectable 41.5% to 4 million. "The Story of Daniel Rigger" will not budge, holding on to fourth with another 7.2 million haul.

    [*]Love Song: 15,728,110 (NEW) [*]Pokemon: The Champion's Gift: 13,199,438 (3rd week) -48.56% [*]Unbalanced 3: 7,183,699 (3rd week) -54.51% [*]The Story of Daniel Rigger: 7,150,487 (5th week) -31.51% [*]Things Not Seen: 6,680,460 (2nd week) -43.30% [*]Minotaur 3D: 6,260,339 (NEW) [*]A Warning to the Curious: 4,019,557 (2nd week) -41.50% [*]Murder at the Superbowl: 3,663,319 (4th week) -44.35% [*]The Miracle at the Meadowlands: 2,004,872 (6th week) -35.50% [*]Dawn of Oblivion: 698,510 (12th week) -36.80%


Top Ten Gross: 66,588,791 (-20.51%)

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Very nice start to the year. Hopefully it continues for the rest of the year. 



And I think that this year might be the longest I'll ever have to wait to get the the first OW for one of my movies. I normally have a Valentines day Nicholas Sparks adaptation or a stupid horror flick in January. :lol: 

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With this run and a possible Oscar Nomination for Liam Neeson, Rigger has exceeded my expectations...a lot.



Oh, right...... Oscars. I should probably take a look at the FYC thread now to figure out my ballot. :lol:

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Oh, right...... Oscars. I should probably take a look at the FYC thread now to figure out my ballot. :lol:


I won't submit a ballot since I haven't read really many movies to know which one deserves to be nominated more than the other one (same goes for actors, actresses). I will vote after the nominees are announced, though.

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Pokemon's already passed 140m if my calculations are right and should be on pace for 165-170 million. Pretty dang good for the wrapup to the Kanto trilogy.


I'll probably wait until Year 11 before starting a Johto-based series, give things a nice cushion..

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