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Year 6 Actuals

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Agreed with Alfred and CJohn... I barely saw a few movies drop more than 50% in any weekends, whilst in real life you barely see movies drop under 50% in any weekends (While still grossing in millions) 

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Agreed with Alfred and CJohn... I barely saw a few movies drop more than 50% in any weekends, whilst in real life you barely see movies drop under 50% in any weekends (While still grossing in millions) 


The movies would be dropping harder (for some of them) if the schedule was more filled. If there are no alternative choices to see, audiences will still go to the same movies because there's nothing else to watch. The schedule is dead this year.

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July 1-4: "Cloud Shines On Independence Day Weekend"

The 4th of July holiday is here, and Michael Bay's latest eye-candy galore took the top spot. Disaster flick "The Cloud" debuted Wednesday to the tune of 14 million. It accumulated 65.4 million over the four-day Holiday frame for a total start of 88.7 million. The film averaged mediocre reception, but it's the most dominant male flick out right now, so it should have some staying power until the juggernaut comes in two weeks. "Bioshock" held on to second, adding 32 million over the holiday frame. "451" was down a very remarkable sub-5%, adding 18 million in its second week. Good reception should keep this film running healthy through the rest of the summer. The same can be said of both "The Golden Bird" and "Sir Thimes Time", both of which had remarkably strong holds as well.

    [*]The Cloud: 52,507,859/65,401,839/88,706,859 (NEW) [*]Bioshock: 25,261,113/32,059,840 (3rd week) -43.09%/-27.77% [*]451: 14,670,337/18,012,345 (2nd week) -21.38%/-3.47% [*]The Golden Bird: 10,569,834/12,857,859 (4th week) -28.95%/-13.57% [*]The Stuff of Legend: Into the Dark: 6,198,194/7,785,050 (5th week) -32.23%/-14.89% [*]Sir Thime's Time: 5,632,680/6,741,883 (7th week) -24.03%/-9.06% [*]Wicked: 5,232,266/6,330,489 (6th week) -29.77%/-15.03% [*]Mysteries of the Beyond: 2,139,750/2,787,343 (7th week) -42.19%/-24.69% [*]The Life of a Prophet: 1,611,205/2,083,448 (5th week) -36.05%/-17.31% [*]Frogs, Frogs, and More Frogs 3D: 1,342,883/1,644,050 (2nd week) -62.08%/-53.57%


Top Ten Gross: 125,166,121/155,704,146 (+10.17%/+37.05%)


July 8-10: "No Difference In The Lead"

It was a photo finish weekend, and one of the weakest of the summer. With only "The Different Ones" debuting this week, Bayfest "The Cloud" was easily able to maintain its lead, down just under 55% for 23.9 million. "The Different Ones" came up close behind it though with 23.1 million, and it won Saturday and Sunday. The film averaged decent reception but wasn't strong enough to carry the weekend. "Bioshock" continues its lengthy and leggy run with 15.7 million in 3rd. It will finally face its first wave of competition next weekend. "451" also had another remarkable hold, down under 20% for `12.2 million. And "The Golden Bird" rounded out the top 5 with 7 million.

    [*]The Cloud: 23,854,320 (2nd week) -54.57% [*]The Different Ones: 23,121,833 (NEW) [*]Bioshock: 15,725,042 (4th week) -37.75% [*]451: 12,236,528 (3rd week) -16.59% [*]The Golden Bird: 7,069,105 (5th week) -33.12% [*]Sir Thime's Time: 4,572,609 (8th week) -18.82% [*]The Stuff of Legend: Into the Dark: 3,992,297 (6th week) -35.59% [*]Wicked: 3,603,984 (7th week) -31.12% [*]Mysteries of the Beyond: 1,399,824 (8th week) -34.58% [*]The Life of a Prophet: 929,987 (6th week) -42.28%


Top Ten Gross: 96,505,529 (-22.90%)


July 15-17: "Avarice Slaughters The Opening Record"

It's been a pretty lax summer so far, but audiences everywhere were looking forward to this weekend. "Avarice", the sequel to the critically acclaimed "Nirvana", exploded into theaters ahead of the curb. The film dominated with 181.8 million, completely obliterating (pun pun for the next film) the opening weekend record (CAYOM only). The film garnered almost unanimously positive reception from critics and audiences alike, averaging an A Cinemascore and Yahoo ratings. Of those polled, 73% said they had seen "Nirvana" in theaters, but only 58% of those said they saw "Nirvana" on its opening weekend two years ago. Males made up 54% of the audience, and people aged 18-24 accounted for 56%. Midnight sales alone were at 28 million. Anyways, not much else worth reporting here.

    [*]Avarice: 181,832,859 (NEW) [*]The Different Ones: 12,368,521 (2nd week) -46.68% [*]The Cloud: 9,269,788 (3rd week) -61.14% [*]451: 8,342,865 (4th week) -31.82% [*]Bioshock: 7,376,617 (5th week) -53.09% [*]The Golden Bird: 4,254,187 (6th week) -39.82% [*]Sir Thime's Time: 3,194,881 (9th week) -30.13% [*]Wicked: 2,397,790 (8th week) -33.47% [*]The Stuff of Legend: Into the Dark: 2,202,151 (7th week) -44.84% [*]Avenue Q: 685,859 (10th week

The Book of 4Chan: 572,488 (NEW)


Top Ten Gross: 231,925,518 (+140.32%)


July 22-24: "Avarice Maintains Smooth Lead, Portal Opens Solidly"

"Avarice" had no trouble keeping the top spot this week. The acclaimed sci-fi was down 56% to almost 80 million in its second week. Already, the film has flown past the 300 million milestone. It clearly is the event film of the summer, perhaps the year. "Portal" opened to solid numbers in second. Although it couldn't quite reach "Bioshock" heights, it still managed a very solid 35.5 million, well ahead of the other opener. "Danger Days" was mediocre at best, and it showed with its weak 9 million start. Still, the opening fell in line with studio expectations, but word of mouth is mostly nonexistant. "Portal", on the other hand, averaged mostly positive word of mouth, with a B+ rating on Cinemascore.

    [*]Avarice: 79,852,844 (2nd week) -56.08% [*]Portal: 35,472,803 (NEW) [*]Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: 8,971,228 (NEW) [*]The Different Ones: 7,038,925 (3rd week) -43.09% [*]451: 6,297,194 (5th week) -24.52% [*]The Cloud: 4,741,497 (4th week) -48.85% [*]Bioshock: 3,598,314(6th week) -51.22% [*]The Golden Bird: 2,798,404 (7th week) -34.22% [*]Sir Thime's Time: 2,273,157 (10th week) -28.85% [*]The Book of 4Chan: 1,575,822 (2nd week – still limited) +175.26%


Top Ten Gross: 152,620,188 (-34.19%)


July 29-31: "Burnout No Take Down For Avarice"

Third times the charm! Despite losing on Friday (by a very narrow margin), "Avarice" maintained its lead once again. The film added 42.7 million in first place. It managed to close victory over "Burnout: Takedown". The racing flick was a close second with 36.6 million, although it appears rather heavily frontloaded. "Portal" was down 53% for 16.6 million, and "451" continues to chug along with another solid sub-30% hold. The sci-fi adaptation has shown some of the strongest legs of any film all year.

    [*]Avarice: 42,689,330  (3rd week) -46.54% [*]Burnout: Takedown: 36,571,833 (NEW) [*]Portal: 16,562,231 (2nd week) -53.31% [*]451: 4,606,397(6th week) -26.85% [*]The Different Ones: 4,383,849 (3rd week) -37.72% [*]Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: 3,810,080 (2nd week) -57.53% [*]The Cloud: 2,641,962 (5th week) -44.26% [*]The Book of 4Chan: 2,032,833 (3rd week – wide) +29.01% [*]Bioshock: 1,960,721 (7th week) -45.51% [*]The Golden Bird: 1,740,327 (8th week) -37.81%


Top Ten Gross: 116,999,563 (-23.33%)

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