It's Monster Trucks weekend!

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  1. The guy asked because Musk said he had just rewatched the anime. I love the series of tweets. -describes how SpaceX de-orbits the 2nd stage of the Falcon 9. -announces details of an autopilot update for Tesla. -Oh, by the way. Just watched Ghost in the Shell again.
  2. I just realised Collateral Beauty didn't make the top 10. The last tracked figure for Finding Dory was AUD48,435,756 and is now at $48.514m as per @Doctor RTH gone Rouge R1 is now at $47,132,168. Or, as the good Reverend @baumer would say, Why we're on this particular mission, we'll never know. But I do know, here today, that Rogue One will emerge victorious. Fuck that fish.
  3. Weekend Total Box Office Australia: Thu 12th Jan 2017 - Sun 15th Jan 2017 1. Sing $2,306,634 Universal 2. La La Land $2,280,249 eOne 3. Moana $2,102,668 Walt Disney 4. Passengers $2,003,860 Roadshow 5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story $1,878,735 Walt Disney 6. Monster Trucks $1,404,720 Paramount 7. Assassin’s Creed $1,298,583 Fox 8. Allied $1,106,708 Paramount 9. Why Him? $970,357 Fox 10. Ballerina $900,688 Studiocanal Thu 12Fri 13Sat 14Sun 15$350k$400k$450k$500k$550k$600k$650k$700k$750k$800k$850k Sing Universal Weekend 3 $2.31M Cume. total $22.10M La La Land eOne Weekend 3 $2.28M Cume. total $11.17M Moana Walt Disney Weekend 3 $2.10M Cume. total $19.31M Passengers Roadshow Weekend 3 $2.00M Cume. total $11.35M
  4. I just hope Nocturnal Animals gets barely any nominations and doesn't win anything.
  5. For all the LA folk. SpaceX will be returning a landed Falcon 9 first stage to the Port of Los Angeles in the next 24-48 hours.
  6. A slight aside for Jessica Alba. It seems she's in talks to sell The Honest Company and may be inline for a $300m payday.
  7. all good so far The first transport is away landing in a few minutes success. First ever west coast landing. That was awesome. The video on the first stage held up the whole way down. No dropouts.
  8. I can rarely muster the intellectual effort to write a coherent review of a movie and never really thought out a consistent method for rating them. However, I think I might ponder the 40 or so films I saw in the cinema last year and simply rank them. So I may further hijack this thread.
  9. I'm ahead of last year at the same time with regards to seeing movies. 2017-4 films 2016-0 films
  10. Setting up the structure of the seasons leads you to think there will be 4 seasons. So during the last season you're kind expecting in to conclude but then there's another season.