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  1. I liked it. I would say it's good but not excellent. Although there's action it's definitely not action packed. Visually it's fantastic and the world building is well done. On the whole I thought it told the story fairly well.
  2. Tonight before the movie I'm having a burger from Grill'd. For pizza I prefer Crust. For burgers on the north shore I like Batch. Although for some unknown reason their New Yorker burger has beetroot on it.
  3. No mad rush here. There's plenty of seats still at my session.
  4. For the last half hour my field of vision has entirely consisted of a McDonald's.
  5. When you've been eating it for over 20 years it doesn't have the same cachet anymore.
  6. Apparently this is true. Who knew? Also, there's 270 Nando's in Australia. I also once thought it was a local chain. There's on within walking distance from work.
  7. The term is actually woop woop but he is from New Zealand so who knows what passes for the Queen's English over there.
  8. It's getting real tough for waiters here. The Fair Work Commission recently recommended Sunday pay be cut from double time to 150% of ordinary hours.
  9. Quite a number of sessions on Saturday/Sunday the previous weekend.
  10. Out. It should open over $25m
  11. With wickets provided the whole series was a crapshoot.
  12. It's all relative. It would mainly be due to the high African American population in DC. 1990-2000 DC was 65-70% African American. NBA is about 75% African American and NFL is about 65%.