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  2. titanic2187

    Fathom Events thread

    And also, Jurassic Park for its 25th anniversary
  3. Woah... For me (based off of my rewatch marathon) I'd say... (Look at the quote, on mobile so I can't properly add the spoiler). I'll provide my ranking when I get through the rest but rewatching some of these is crazy. I forgot how much I enjoyed Guardians and Iron Man 3!
  4. Yea but I've been adulting super hard for a while so only like a quarter alive
  5. Depends on what you bring to the year of the pastry aka Y7. The guru will make no preemptive judgement.
  6. He was trying to go 4/20, Pink
  7. Now that's a hot take! You consider Ragnarok the same in quality as TDW? I'm now curious as to how you rank the other films...
  8. Not 100% yet. No hype. 😏
  9. Harden was absolutely 🐕💩 last night and we still won. 🤗
  10. Yes. And it was only PVR and INOX chain opening 1 screen per theatre to test the water. Just few minutes back Cinepolis (3rd biggest in country) opened and it crashed.
  11. Probably down to it being half term, likely why Rocketman and Aladdin are going on Weds the week before as well.
  12. I know HW is more frontloaded, but this still seems almost unfathomable to me. BHB2 was soooooooo huge.
  13. KP1025


    That's a good point. Even $1 billion domestic is probably a more achievable target than $2 billion OS.
  14. Avengers: Endgame - Universal Cinema AMC at CityWalk Hollywood (Full Weekend) Thursday Night Total 3677/4434 (82.9%) Friday Total 3432/5234 (65.6%) Saturday Total 3414/5234 (65.2%) Sunday Total 2499/4542 (55.0%) Weekend Total 13022/19444 (67.0%)
  15. Tentative OW predict (because I still have NO idea what this movie can accomplish over next weekend): I think it''ll JUST cross $300M. Previews: $62M Friday: $136.4M ($74.4M true Friday) Saturday: $90.7M Sunday: $75.3M TOTAL: $302.4M This is weird. If you ask me plainly if I'd bet on a $300M OW I'd say no. However, the individual daily breakdown seems feasible to me and, lo and behold, it adds up to just over $300M. I guess it's the presales that have sold me on it. It looks like we're going to see an all time record for Thursday previews and that's going to propel it to a truly massive total opening day, blowing away the $119.12M of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If it doesn't pass $300M, I think it'll be due to a slightly smaller Saturday bump from true Friday than I've predicted.
  16. As promised, I rewatched only Thor: The Dark World lol I liked it more this time than I did when I first watched it. It's not like, good or anything, but there's fun stuff in it. All of the Thor movies are more or less on the same level quality-wise for me
  17. Did you read my comment? Most theatres haven't alloteed screens so there is no way of booking ticket online. Or it would have easily surpassed the total
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