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  1. Before I followed BoxOffice I never hoped for bad weather (And my family probably thinks I'm weird if I complain about it )
  2. The third trend, now, looks even worse. CW 290k (with previews >50% now ) Bad N. 160k TJB 100k Zoo 32,5k terrible weekend...
  3. This Thread is European Union, but I think the article is about Europe as a whole. I made some calculations because I was interested in number. For the countries with + I don't have accurate admission data. Germany 9M France 10.4M GB 11M+ Italy 3.4M Spain 3M+ Poland 3M Sweden, Hungary 1.2M Netherlands 1M+ Belgium 900k+ Austria, Ukraine 800k Switzerland, Denmark 700k Ireland 600k+ Finland, Norwegen, Czech Republic, Romania 600k Others about 1-1.5M I'm not sure with Russia though. The article seems to exclude it.
  4. I think that should be posted here: http://deadline.com/2016/05/european-box-office-2015-record-hollywood-star-wars-force-awakens-1201748862/ Biggest Movies in 2015: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (39.8M admissions), Minions (39.5M), Spectre (37.9M), Jurassic World (30.4M) But should't SW have made more? Or is this just until the end of December? Probably that's the case...
  5. 27.4 - 01.05 (InsideKino) 1 1.212.314 --- 1.212.314 1 The First Avenger 3 2 430.916 -39 2.587.853 3 The Jungle Book 3 214.271 -35 633.311 2 Adopte un veuf 4 159.721 -42 2.414.081 5 Kung Fu Panda 3 5 157.004 -52 548.294 2 The Huntsm
  6. CW went up with the last estimate even with to warm weather so it is not that strong affected by the weather. It will depend on the film itself, if German audiences like it... It won't have as bad legs as BvS. I think 2M should happen.
  7. Germany dropped 50% because of extremely good weather. It was one of the bigger markets last weekend. Next weekend should see a good hold and maybe even an increase here It's not over yet.
  8. CA:CW 600k (went up a bit from former estimates, while JB and Zoo dropped, a good sign for the First Avenger ) Even more impressive considering that the first movie made 339.797 admissions in its entire run... TJB 205 (1.19M admissions cume) -43% HtbS 80k -37% Zoo 60k -50% The good weather killed it this weekend... But Family-Movies rise and fall with the weather, so there could be an increase again next weekend
  9. I don't know which midnight deadline is but here it's still half an hour...
  10. It was three day (forgot that) I felt strange with CW being bigger than AoU... Thanks
  11. Can this number be right for CW? $7,100,000 Seems really big. It's from BOM, but that is proven wrong sometimes
  12. Well, Spiderman had more than 5M admissions (5.186.528) But yeah, would have been strange if the prediction would have hold. We have to expect better weather now - it seems like in May there could occur something like summer temperatures. I wonder why weather is such a big issue in Germany whereas in other countries it isn't. Maybe Germans love being outside? But maybe with this (rather) low opening (which is still more than doubling the former CA) next week there will be a good hold. Something like 25% drop.
  13. $3.7M up to Friday, according to Mojo, for CW. The first number ($1.9M) which was published earlier, did that include Wednesday and Thursday? And with a good increase on Saturday, is $8.5M OW possible? $7M should be safe. Of course it will more than double the $3.7M CA:WS had.
  14. TJB is less and Zoo is a bit more than 20% down. Today weather is (at least in my area) not as bad as thought so this holds are even more great.
  15. Zootopia could reach 3.5M admissions this weekend and will surely pass Inside Out (3.437.365).
  16. Weekend 20.04-24.04 (InsideKino) 1 710.372 -35 2.013.219 2 The Jungle Book 2 330.114 --- 330.114 1 Adope un veuf 3 325.359 --- 325.359 1 The Huntsman & the Ice Queen 4 273.566 -34 2.196.581 4 Kung Fu Panda 3 5 228.143 -54 1.967.621 3
  17. Some would consider AoU Young Adult shit too
  18. TJB 360k (-20%) 910k cume HtbS 125k (-35%) Zoo 120k (-20%) 3.375M cume The Boss 90k GoE 60k Huntsmen 55k (-45%)
  19. ? I just realized why you thought that No I'm not. He's not the only one with a good taste...
  20. 1. Henry Cavill 2. Alex Pettyfer 3. Chris Evans 4. Zac Efron 5. Scott Eastwood 6. Kofi Siriboe 7. Sam Clafflin 8. Chris Pratt 9. Jamie Dornan 10. Taron Egerton 11. Chris Pine 12. Dave Franco 13. Richard Madden 14. Matt Bomer 15. Michael Fassbender 16. Aidan Turner 17. Eric Bana 18. Luke Mitchell 19. Josh Duhamel 20. Joe Manganiello 21. James Franco 22. Matthew Daddario 23. Ewan McGregor 24. Cody Christian 25. Garrett Hedlund It's hard to find that much and it took
  21. Ah, thanks. Still a high number especially for a movie that is considered a family-movie.
  22. I ever thought Germany would have the highest prices in Europe
  23. TJB with 460k admissions first for the weekend (4th best of the year). How to be Single 195k Zoo 150k (up 3%) 3,24M cume Huntsmen 100k BvS 75k
  24. If it had 888k admissions for $14M that would be an enormous 15,77$ ticket price
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