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CAYOM: Crowd Report Thread

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    can we do like a thread for early friday estimates like how Deadline Hollywood does to give us an idea how the weekend are going to look too? i will cefintly participate in this though

    Since only the person who does the actuals knows what the weekend numbers would be it'd be needless speculation
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    First Crowd Report!

    Night of Error

    Saturday March 19th, 5:45pm

    25% full 300 seater


    Elantris- Meh trailer. Cool concept though. Silence.

    City of Bones- Looks awful. Some talk among the audience.

    Call of Duty- Lots of talk. The teaser looks amazing!

    Apocalypse- Steven Spielberg + Jerry Bruckheimer = Epic! Lots of talk.

    Interconnected- Looks really good. Love J.J Abrams and Ryan Gosling. Lots of talk.

    Nova- Looks like a great film but the audiences was silent.

    Movie: A decent film but also was Martin Scorceses's weakest film. The acting was mediocre and the plot line wasn't completely interesting to follow. The audience had mixed reactions to the film and but most the audience loved the ending and the final confrontation.

    Beast of Bray Road

    Saturday March 19th, 8:30pm

    20% full 300 seater


    The Machine Stops- Silence

    Paranoia- This looks like a really fun film. Lots of talk.

    Apocalypse- Steven Spielberg + Jerry Bruckheimer = Epic! Lots of talk.

    Interconnected- Looks really good. Love J.J Abrams and Ryan Gosling. Some talk.

    Tarsem Singh's Cinderella- Some talk. Visuals look good but story looks questionable. Audiences was silent.

    The Ultimate Race- Looks like a fun film but the audience was silent.

    Movie: This actually turned out to be a decent if not actually scary horror found footage film. The film starts slow but then picks up to a exciting and heart pounding ending. The CGI for the creature is cheap looking but since you never clearly see the creature it works fine. The acting is average for a horror movie. The audience jumped and screamed during the movie and they seemed content with the film.

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    Friday, October 11 (7:00 PM showing)

    Hamilton IMAX 16 (Noblesville, Indiana)

    100% full, 375-seater

    Trailers: (Pretty artsy crowd, so no real "cheering")

    Pandemic- Some murmuring

    The Father Figure- Silence

    The Neighborhood- Some laughs, a few groans among the MacFarlane haters in the crowd

    S-L-A-V-E- Some murmuring

    And The Band Played On- Quiet talk

    Zendikar- A couple of cheers at this, the most talk out of anything.

    Movie: One of only two theaters in Indiana playing this during limited release, there's this one and then an art theater in Indianapolis showing it. LOTS of internet buzz, unanimous glowing reviews and the fact that this film currently sits at 100% on RT after 87 reviews brought out tons of people, there was a big line for this similar to the lines there usually are for the IMAX films, though this movie was in a non-IMAX screen. Some people from the Indianapolis Star were here, not sure if they were reviewing the movie or covering the crowd. Lots of adults but about half the people in line were teens, some were turned away for not having ID but they were letting crowds of teens buy tickets as long as one was old enough as long as nobody looked really young. Was talking with someone else in line who couldn't believe someone from a "kid's show" was in this movie, I tried to tell him Elizabeth Gillies was talented but he said she wouldn't be very good. He was smiling and shaking his head when the movie was over, he didn't want to admit I was right :P This movie blew me away. Emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Lots of "holy shit" whispers and gasps from the crowd. There were a couple of groans during the fourth sex scene but the groaners were loudly shushed. Audience clapped for the film when it ended. Aaron Johnson and Elizabeth Gillies were incredible, particularly Gillies who gave an absolutely heartwrenching performance. This movie proved Taylor Lautner can act. I have so much more to say but I'll give a full review in the Speakeasy. Holy shit indeed.


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