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Special thanks to LAguy

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Time is always an issue so this might not be as detailed as I'd like but this thread is dedicated to LAguy.  This game has been played for 6 years and for (I believe) 5 of them, he has done his top 15/WW standings thread. This thread adds a whole other dimension to the game.  And frankly, the game would not be NEARLY as interesting without his threads.  He tirelessly contributes to the game and his work in those threads, unlike my flawed scoring at times, is PERFECT.  The amount of work that goes into updating those threads is mind blowing.  And he takes his own time to do this because he obviously loves the game.  No one is paid for any of this but those of you who help out (and there are others as well like Olive) do it for the love of the site, movies and the game.  LAG does this tirelessly and seemingly effortlessly.  


I can't thank you enough for this, buddy.  You are an inspiration to me to get better and to make sure that this game is run every year with passion.  


Thank you so very much for your all the hard work you put into this

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Thanks for this thread, baumer! And thanks everyone else for your comments. I'm glad that people look forward to the thread because I look forward to updating it every week. As you mentioned, baumer, I do it strictly for the love of the game. But I wouldn't even be able to have a thread to update if you didn't create and run such an awesome game. Thank YOU for all the work you put into the game. I look forward to it every year. Here's to next year's game! :D

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