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laguy's Winter Game - SOTM #3 (Due Sunday at 5 PM PST)

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By the end of the game, which of these films, % wise, will finish closest to the total?


Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug:  $260 mill

Frozen: $305 mill

Anchorman 2:  $125 mill

American Hustle: $100 mill

Saving Mr. Banks:  $70 milll

Madea's Christmas: $48 milll


So for example, if Anchorman 2 finishes with 120 mill, then it would have finished within 93.75% of that number. You have to call the correct film to get the points and it has to be closest % wise.


Call the correct film to be the closest to the total % wise, get 10,000 points.

Call the incorrect film and you lose 5000 points.

Abstain, 2000 points; If you abstain, you do not qualify for the bonus.


Bonus:  What will those films finish with by the end of the game?  If you call it within 4%, you get a bonus of 5,000 points. If you miss the total by more than 6.5%, you lose 5,000 points.


You can go for as many as you want, however, if you go for all 6, YOU MUST GET ALL SIX CORRECT.  If you do not, you will lose a minimum of 10,000 on top of whatever it is you lose by being off on the other films. Get all right, and you get a bonus of 10,000, which could make this SOTM question worth 50,000 to you.


Due Sunday, December 29th at 5 PM PST!


Good luck...any questions let me know.


P.S. I want to thank baumer for coming up with this question!

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Yes every that you go for has to finish within the 4%.


Lots of points up for grabs here.



By the end of the game, which of these films, % wise, will finish closest to the total


Anchorman 2 will be the closest % wise. with 125 mill




Part 2:

Hobbit 254

Frozen 348.2

AM2 125.85

AH 118.6    

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