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BIG HERO 6 | 435.3 M overseas | 657.8 M worldwide

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Big Hero 6 The Disney superhero-Japanese anime-inspired toon racked up an estimated $7.6 million in its third weekend from 17 territories.  Russia has the motherload of the foreign take counting $18.2 million from Big Hero 6’s $23 million overseas total (worldwide stands at $79.2 million). Big Hero 6 also holds the record in Russia as being the second biggest Disney-Pixar toon release of all-time. No. 1s were hit in the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. The mega-foreign rollout for Big Hero 6 is staggered, capitalizing on school holidays overseas with Italy going Dec. 18, Spain on Dec. 19 and Japan on Dec. 20 for starters.  The robot pic storms into Mexico, Trinidad, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia next weekend.


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BIG HERO 6 - $18.2m

Second biggest Disney/Pixar movie in Russia, behind Monsters University.

In Rouble Big Hero 6 will probably pass MU, it's a real success, particularly if the very poor exchange rate is taken into account.

I think you are forgetting about Frozen.
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Sadly they don't give Philippines and Indonesia numbers, probably around $2m for both of them.


I said it in the BH6 thread, I'm surprised BH6 was #1 in Indonesia instead of Interstellar, considering Interstellar has more screens, and here, screen count pretty much determines how big the opening is gonna be. But then again longer runtime means less showtime, so maybe that's why.

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