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Predict the gross of 2015 animated films

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On schedule:


Spongebob Squarepants 2


Monster Trucks


Inside Out


Hotel Transylvania 2


Good Dinosaur

Kung Fu Panda 3


I think Spongebob and Hotel Transylvania will both decrease from the first. Despite what everyone thinks, I think Home looks pretty funny and it could do $145m which is not great, but above average for Dreamworks of late.


Think both Inside Out and Good Dinosaur should be expected to gross $200m but we'll see if Pixar has indeed lost their reputation. Two films coming in a year despite a year off and despite a woeful slate since Toy Story 3 could temper anticipation for both, especially the second if the first is a dud.


Minions should win comfortably. Probably won't make $300m but high $200s.


Panda 3 will be the most interesting to watch. Sequel to one of the most confounding sequel performances of all time. Though, taking place in December as opposed to summer and against Star Wars and Mission Impossible in like 10 days isn't the best date to really see how it all plays out. It could even gross less than KFP2 which would be disastrous and definitely ending the Panda franchise. I wonder if the studios should be so scared though. I hope Panda 3 doesn't move. If it's a good movie and it gets a great marketing campaign it could definitely hold its own and pull an  Alvin. Star Wars won't be Avatar and during that time both Chipmunks and Holmes grossed $200m.

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I'll take a stabSpongebob-50 million. Doesn't seem to be as popular anymoreHome-150 million. Looks cute. Should do well in that spring spot Dreamworks always hasMonster Trucks-60 million. Ugh just doesn't sound goodBOO-145 million. Sounds like fun. Like the castInside Out-240 million. I've been in love with this concept since it was announced. Minions-275 million. It's the MinionsHotel Transylvania 2-135 million. First was surprisingly good. Peanuts-120 million. Might not be as popular but the teaser was cute.The Good Dinosaur-225 million. I know it's had its troubles. But still Dinos and Pixar seem to be one of those things that shouldn't miss.Kung Fu Panda 3-185 million. Holiday's will help

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Spongebob Squarepants 2-125 Million

Home-97 Million

Monster Trucks-72 Million


Inside Out-260 Million

Minions-290 Million

Hotel Transylvania 2-102 Million

Peanuts-150 Million 

Good Dinosaur-178 Million

Kung Fu Panda 3-140 Million

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    [*]Minions: $320 million

    [*]Inside Out: $285 million

    [*]The Good Dinosaur - $230 million

    [*]Peanuts - $205 million

    [*]Hotel Transylvania 2 - $155 million

    [*]SpongeBob 2: Sponge Out of Water - $135 million 

    [*]Kung Fu Panda 3 - $125 million 

    [*]B.O.O. - $115 million 

    [*]Home - $90 million 

    [*]Monster Trucks - $55 million 

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SpongeBob: 90million

Home: 132million

Monster Trucks: 85million

B.O.O: 118million

Inside Out: 262million

Minions: 301million (yup. not 300, but 301)

Hotel Transylvania 2: 127million

Peanuts: 165million

The Good Dinosaur: 239million

Kung Fu Panda 3: 184million

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