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THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY II | 371.7 M overseas | 653.4 M worldwide

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3d helps mostly in Asia where Hunger Games franchise have been non-entity. I dont see a big boost. In big markets 3D is a liability. In China even MJ1 was released in 3D. I dont see this one coming close to 1B. Plus I doubt it will even get a good release as LG is not that big. I would say


375m domestic

475m OS

850m WW.

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Haha, BD2 made $537m OS in 2D, CF made more than all Twilight movies except the last one, why the hell It would make only $475m??

BD2 had a $100m jump from BD1 numbers.

A jump like this would put MJ2 to at least $514m, but It will have 3D to help more.


Just because BD2 increased that much MJ2 is not going to. Plus you realize dollar has strengthened since MJ1 release. And to reiterate HG franchise is a non-entity in Asia where you benefit from 3d. So I dont see much 3d boost here.

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A reminder that:

- The Hunger Games (2012) was released in June (global release date was March) and grossed $10m in its first week, with a $27m total.

- Catching Fire (2013) secured a November release date (global release date was November) and opened to $12m ($11m second week) but was released on the same day as Gravity, which ended its China gross with $70m. Catching Fire ended its run in China with $27m total.

- Mockingjay - Part 1 (2015) was released in February, and a cancelled appearance from the cast. It was released in 3D, and made $10m opening day! But only spent two weeks in China to make room for local films in time for CNY, and ended its run with $35m.

Does anyone have Breaking Dawn P1 and 2's China box office numbers?

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