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The Last Witch Hunter | October 23, 2015 | Vin Diesel | Final Trailer on Page 5

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This looks like something Nicholas Cage would be in, it will perform like a recent Cage film as well.

But it has Michael Caine, a actor long known for his "if the paycheck is right, I will do it"  roles.He's lucky that Chris Nolan likes him,so he will have a few respectable gigs to go along with the schlock.

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Lionsgate managed to sell off the foreign rights,so the damage Lionsgate will take is limited(the releasing companies who bought the rights are the ones who will eat the losses). But still, spending 90 Million on this does not show good judgement;Lionsgate will not be able to save itself from the consequences of it's bad decisions by selling off rights forever.

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I think the FF train would roll along happily without Vin. He needs the FF franchise a LOT more then the FF franchise needs him. If it not were for the FF, he would be in DTV territory.

I can understand Mabye taking a chance on this with a 30 to 40 Million budget,but 90 mIllion....


Lionsgate might have New Line Cinema disease: A company that made it's name with low and modest budget movies takes a chance on a big budget franchise and strikes gold. But it then thinks it is a major studio with major studio resources, and pissed away all it's profits on a series of big budget bombs.Granted, Lionsgate has more then one big budget franchise, but they do seem to be blowing a lot of money on ill conceived projects, and they just don;t have the depth of resources that the major studios do.

And with one of it's biggest franchises coming to an end,they might really get in trouble by wasting large sums on ill conceived efforts to get another, similair franchise.

We saw what happened to this franchise minus Vin.

Its built up to a level, if they pull it off right...sure, it might find success without him.  Maybe.  It's safe to say it won't run forever on his back.

BUT....I will argue with no doubt...this franchise needed Vin.  Yes, his career needed this franchise...but this franchise never gets to where it is today with him.  Vin may be really, at its core, a one franchise star.  But god damn, he sure as fuck starred, and produced and drove this franchise to where it is today.  Credit earned.  The Fast and Furious franchise will, at its core, always be defined by Vin.  And Paul.  But Vin in particular.  I don't envy the people that have to make this work when he exits.

Starpower is, in this day and age, defined by a marriage of yes, Starpower...but also the right property.  THIS...was the perfect marriage of Starpower and property.  There's is no 1.5 billion without Vin.  And yes, there's no 1.5 billion without Paul either. But let's not pretend Vin didn't play a hand in how that played out.  Good sir, Mr Diesel, I salute you and your one franchise.


Riddick fucking rocks, I'll give you two.  Even if I'm the only one.

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Hansel & Gretel and Seventh Son (seemingly similar movies to this) were both great fun:
eye candy
and humour!!

Hansel & Gretel was much better as a movie, but Seventh Son had even nicer visuals. Saw them both 4 or 5 times in cinemas each.

This Diesel flop here is at the opposite end. So dull and boring I slept through half of it. Really disappointing, even for a stupid urban fantasy. Witches make for some of the best characters ever - and they couldn't come up with a single interesting character or power.

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