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The Last Witch Hunter | October 23, 2015 | Vin Diesel | Final Trailer on Page 5

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Batman and Robin and Catwoman are 2 cult hits that nobody would of saw coming years ago :P


Then there are films like Three Amigos and Princess Bride-didn't do well upon release, but everyone who was born in the 1970s/1980s has seen them and love them!


Anyway-I am just going to say 15M total right now.

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Technically It's a Wonderful Life is a cult hit-I mean it flopped, had medicore reviews....


Actually it did okay overall, it was considered a disappointing though. Wizard of Oz did poorly, and Citizen Kane technically flopped too, but William Hearst let it flop and set out to destroy it, since it was a satire of him.

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1. Star Wars (yeah, despite BOOyega)

2. Pan (seeing it in 3 days, with this director and visuals it can't be less than marvelous)

3. Spectre (if it is half as good as Skyfall, still gonna rock)

4. The Last Witch Hunter (my body is ready for the perfect Shay movie)

5. In The Heart of the Sea (has every chance of being all kinds of awesome)

6. Crimson Peak (del Toro in top visual form)

7. Victor Frankenstein (gonna LOVE it!! McAvoy is a force)

8. Goosebumps (looks bad but I'll believe the hype)

9. The Good Dinosaur (I'll see this kiddie flick - but I already hate it)

10. The Martian (knew how boring it was gonna be, but it still managed to disappoint me)


Looks like a great end for a dismal year - and then 2016 is gonna be heaven!! :)


PS: And the rest didn't even make it into the Top:


* Bridge of Spies looks like another terribly boring and pointless late Spielberg (though with shiny visuals)

* Mockingjay - the only good thing about this mother is that it is the FINAL chapter that will finally rid the world of this YA abomination

* Sicario could have been in the Top 10, but blew its chance by being mediocre-ish

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Plan 9 From Outer Space is a cult hit too. At least that film's fun, though.

He has a fire sword. And Frodo!

This looks hilariously fun.

And don't tell me I'm wrong, it looks terrible. Cause yes, it doesn't look good. But it looks ...Vin Diesel b movie good. And I'm down for that (on video, while drunk).

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