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DON'T BREATHE | 08.26.16 | Sony | final gross ● 89.22 M

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1 hour ago, MCKillswitch123 said:

If Sony decides to try to Spectre this all the way to 100M (unlikely, but not impossible), it'd be the one time where I would welcome a fudgejob as if it never happened :ph34r:

The perfect time to do that would be Halloween. Re release it into 1000 theatres, then claim it made enough for the $100 million.

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9 hours ago, Lucas said:

Extremely happy about how well this did as a fan of Fede Alvarez since his Evil Dead remake and I can't wait to see whatever he does next.


It's so rare to see someone that actually enjoyed the remake of Evil Dead, lol.


He's doing this Dragon Tattoo sequel, and then a book adaptation, IIRC.

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