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DON'T BREATHE | 08.26.16 | Sony | final gross ● 89.22 M

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15 hours ago, Jayhawk said:

The real star of this movie:

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Lol...I signed in for the sole reason to like this post, ha.  Just saw it b/c I was a big fan of the Evil Dead remake. Was really entertaining as a thriller type movie. Def not scary to me, but some suspenseful parts for sure.  Some of the tracking shots and camera work was well done.  Pretty much it's a movie that is well made, will thrill the avg. movie goer and I'm happy it's doing well.  For me, I'm a lil disappointed because it was not scary at all, and I always hope I'll get freaked out by something on the screen.  Im happy to see alvarez go into more of a thriller direction and have success because he's a really good director, but from some of the reviews I glanced at I was expecting a little scarier. 




ps....now that i think about it some more reminds me a lot of Panic Room

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I know that I'm late to the party, but, HOLY FUCK, that's an amazing second weekend drop! I was projecting something between 46%-48% but it managed to do even better, actually, this is the best second weekend drop for a Horror movie since Insidious' 29% back in 2011, I'm not counting The Boy's same drop because it had a deflated weekend. 


This is coming for a $80m+ total and a 3.0x multiple just like I predicted, the FOURTH horror movie with a 3.0x multiple this year, what a year!

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Finally watched it yesterday in the OD.


For a movie like this works, I need a decent crowd that stay quiet during the whole movie, and luckily, despite being a full show (not a surprise coming from my country, horror movies usually do really well here, especially in my city), my audience was really into the movie and I didn't have any problem with them.


I wrote this before because usually when I watch a horror movie, I'm not just watching a movie like I do with other genres, I'm going into this world, I'm going into the crazy mind of the director, that's why I love this genre so much, and that's why I love Fede's crazy mind. 


Let me start commenting about it's technical qualities, you can hate Fede's movies, but you can't deny how well made they're, he can make a cheap budget looks so impressive as a big tentpole, it's not a surprise that Marvel wanted him, I noticed that he learned some new technics in these 3 years since it's abstinence, he probably watched some movies from Master Wan, because I could feel some of his influence during this movie, for example, when he shows the house for the first time, it was clearly inspired by Wan, but Fede do this in a way that it leave his mark. The violence, even if fewer than in his previous movie, is so impressive as the last one, I truly admire him for using manual effects in his movies, it takes the realism to another level. The whole atmosphere is claustrophobic as we would expect from a movie like this, you can feel the tension of the actors while making this movie and this is awesome.


But, at least to me, the most impressive aspect was the sound edition, if the movie works so well that's because of it's brilliant sound, I'm not being exaggerated when I say that it is Oscar worthy.


All the actors are good in their characters, but Levy stoles the show once again, IMO. She can go from a dramatic part to a psycho one in few seconds, she proves one more time that she's one of the new talents in horror, Fede can extract her best, and I truly want to see both working together again! The Blind Man is already in the hall of most iconic "villains" btw. 


The plot is simple and that's why it is so effective! Doesn't fool yourself, a simple plot does not means that it can not be intelligent or complex, and the plot of this movie is both, it makes some really interesting questions, like: What can be considered Justice for you? The only reason to man follow religion is to stop them from making terrible things? 


Complex, intelligent, tense, terrific, Don't Breathe is another example explaining why we all loves horror movies, a new classic has born, long live King Alvarez!



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