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BUMBLEBEE | 21 DECEMBER 2018 | The end of the Bayformers Universe

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2 hours ago, John Marston said:

Bayhem combined with the type of heart that Bumblebee was praised for might work well and get back into the billion range

Anything but those IM writers will do. Thought AoE was the peak as far as sheer nonsense.

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So these are all in the same continuity right? I really hope so. And I don't want the last Knight to be left off on a cliffhanger. At least wrap that up. I don't care if they do more movies set in the 80s or on Cybertron. Just don't leave the cliffhanger from TLK and have them all in the same continuity of each other. That's really all I want.

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Hooray the very first GOOD Transformers movie was released. It's not a stellar film and the story is thin but this is the first Transformers film with actual heart and emotion. The first film is okay dumb over long fun but I'd never describe it as good. Bumblebee ditches Michael Bay's obnoxious constantly moving camera, gives us the first good protagonist of the series and the camera doesn't leer at it's female characters.


Bumblebee is sort of like if the original 2007 Transformers was set in the 80s and was starring the character it should have been starring all along, which would be Michaela, except with a far better actress in the role. My biggest gripe is that it still has some of that cringe Bay type humor but I can live with that when everything else is so solid. If it weren't for The Last Knight being such a disaster, it would have done better at the box office.

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