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Shin Godzilla | October 11th-18th | FUNimation distributing

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After 'Godzilla: Final Wars' was released in 2004 Toho said they would wait at least 10 years to produce another Godzilla film.


Toho said some years back, around the time they spent $20 milllion on updating their special effects operation, that Godzilla would be CGI in any future film. No more rubber suits.


Godzilla appeared rendered in CGI in the opening sequence to Toho's film 'Always Sunset On Third Street 2'.


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You guys see the leaked images of Godzillas look in this? There's a RUMOR that it could be the original Godzilla from 1954 and its body trying to regenerate back. Yes, Godzilla does have regeneration powers... would be interesting if that's the case.


Lets clarify something, this is NOT related to Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures Godzilla/Kong Universe(Godzilla 2014, Kong Skull Island 2017) etc... This is Japans own movie.


Kind of cool there's TWO concurrent Godzilla series'.

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