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SOTM 12 - You get 20,000 points! And YOU get 20,000 points and EVERYBODY GETS 20,000 POINTS!!! ... just need to keep them :)

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Nice simple question this one. 


Choose between 1 and 5 wide releases that have not yet been released (essentially anything printed in bold on this page: 




All you have to do is predict their total domestic gross by the end of the game. Easy :)


So how do you score (or lose) points?


For each film you make a prediction for, you will receive 20,000 points.  However you will lose 1000 points for every percent that you miss the actual total by.  


So if you predict Pete's Dragon to make $400M, and your prediction is out by 5%, you will score 15,000 points, if it is out by 27% you will score minus 7% and so forth.


All deductions will be rounded down. So a missed prediction of 4-4.999% will all result in a 4000 point deduction from the original 20k (so scoring 20k is possible if you are less than 1% out from the final total..    




If all of your predictions are within 10%, you will score 2000 bonus points per film predicted

If all of your predictions are within 5%, you will score 4000 bonus points per film predicted

If all of your predictions are within 2.5%, you will score 8000 bonus points per film predicted



Percentages will be worked out as a prediction of the actual total, not the predicted total. So if you predict 90M and the actual gross is 100M, you have missed the total by 10% not by 11.111%. 


You can abstain for 2000 points. Deadline is this Thursday midnight as usual. 


Sausage Party, Pete's Dragon and Florence Foster Jenkins are Eligible. Final weekend releases are not eligible!


If a film becomes ineligible or was never eligible, predictions for that film will be voided/ignored. 


Enjoy :)

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