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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul | May 19th, 2017 | FOX | RT Score Over Suicide Squad?

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A Diary Of A Wimpy Kid mini-reboot movie is on the way, as The Long Haul gets set for a 2017 release...

The three films based on Jeff Kinney’s Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series of books to date have done solid business for 20th Century Fox. But as Kinney himself has acknowledged, the problem came when the young cast – led by Zachary Gordon – grew up. As such, we've not had a new Wimpy Kid film for a good few years now.


However, Fox has decided to press ahead with a fourth Diary Of A Wimpy Kid movie, and indeed has been holding auditions for the lead roles of Greg and his best friend, Rowley. The new movie will be based on the book The Long Haul (the ninth in the series of books), and it looks as if Fox is pretty much ready to get moving. A release date of May 19th 2017 in the US has now been confirmed by the studio.


It’s unclear yet who’s going to direct, and no casting announcement has been made. But a further Wimpy Kid book is due this November too – number 11 in the series – so there’s plenty of fodder for yet more movies after this one too. "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul" will begin filming in September.

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Ehh, this is the same problem I had with the books, I read the first 5 and they were great, and I liked all three of the movies actually. but they're unwilling to make Greg age past middle school bothers me so much that I couldn't read anymore books after that because it was unbelievable. They do realize that the audience ages with these books right? I mean my parents read these books for crying out loud it wasn't just middle schoolers and under! if they are going to do a fourth film they should use the original cast and make Greg be in high school and have it be about him growing up. I'm sorry no I have absolutely no interest in this now.

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I'm semi excited. It does look like they're being flexible and not making it a hard copy of (whatever #5 is). I still buy each book the day it comes out, but I can't say i'd rush out to see this.


I wonder if the [potential] success of Middle School; The Worst Days of My Life (which I also read and it's not nearly as good) might push them to move faster.

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2 hours ago, Tele the Jet Baller said:

You guys act like no younger kids read the series. These aren't being made for you. :lol: 


Shut up. Hollywood must cater every single film, including children's films, to me.


(I watched the first movie for some reason in college and I actually thought it was actually good. The second one sucked and lost the charm the first one had so I skipped the third. Will also skip the fourth. Anyways surprised this isn't Direct to Video but I'm guessing FOX is betting that the first three films have become staples in the sense that kids today are watching them on video/on demand and thus there is still demand for this.)

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