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Jake Gittes

Manchester By The Sea | Kenneth Lonergan | Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams | November 2016

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Unless its PTA suddenly sinks in the next couple of weekends I think it should comfortably crawl to 30-35m before the Oscar noms are announced. Might then get enough of a push to make it over 50m by March. Ideally I wish it would at least perform on the level of Alexander Payne's recent non-Nebraska hits, but still that's a solid result for a heavy drama where neither the writer/director nor the main actors are in any way draws to the general public. Though, like I said in another thread a couple days back, it's also unfortunate that it absolutely needs to rely on awards buzz to make even that much money.

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I liked the movie immensely. And Casey Affleck actually broke my heart in this movie. He just completely floored me and by the end of the movie when you realize what his character has gone through and what he's dealing with you're just kind of blown away with how he conveys that to us. I really hope he wins best actor this year.

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It's been some time since a movie affected me this powerfully. There is a deep, deep realism to MBTS that makes it ordinary and immersive despite the enormous tragedy portrayed. For the first 45 minutes I was thinking about my own father's death to an extent I haven't in years and had to hold it together in the theatre.



Paradoxically, the death of the children was so grievous and of such greater magnitude than any previous event that it actually dried my eyes. That's not a criticism. I'll need a few weeks and a rewatch to decide if THAT MUCH misfortune was necessary. But on first watch Affleck was persuasive enough that I had no problem with the unfolding. The police station scenes are literally as good as anything I've ever seen on film.


Long story short, this is why I go to the movies.

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