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WHITE BOY RICK | Sep 14 18 | Sony | Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Jason Leigh

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So White Boy Rick is now going up against four other films: sci-fi thriller Captive State, romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians, comedic whodunit The Happytime Murders, and crime drama Three Seconds- unless something moves, that is.


That's a lot of films.


We're in an interesting position because we don't know for sure which films have legitimate merit and which ones don't (aside from Crazy Rich Asians, which is almost assuredly making a splash due to its status as an adaption of a popular book series and a potential symbol of social progressivism).


Matthew McConaughey and Studio 8 have their work cut out for them if they want this film to stand out amongst the crowd. Hopefully this film is up to snuff.

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White Boy Rick now goes to Sept. 14 for an exclusive launch with a wide break on Sept. 21. Smells like White Boy Rick, which has been a hot property and drama internally, is headed for an early awards season debut, and it wouldn’t be a shocker if the movie winds up at the fall film festivals.


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This is probably for the best. This prevents a fade-away into nothingness after a mediocre wide-release opening, it prevents potential genre competition (White Boy Rick was going up against fellow crime drama, Three Seconds, among other film), and it provides a potential launch pad into the awards season. Of course, now, it's going up against the same amount of wide releases (The House with a Clock in its WallsJohnny English Strikes AgainLife Itself, and Operation Finale), any of which could potentially strike a chord with audiences. But it seems like Sony made this platform-to-wide decision realizing that they have something potentially divisive on their hands. I think they know what they're doing. But the film has to be a good one for their plan to work as well as they are hoping.

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