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Operation Finale | 21st of September, 2018 | Oscar Isaac hunts some Nazi,s | Chris Weitz to direct

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Chris Weitz is directing the thriller, which tells of the capture of Adolf Eichmann.

Oscar Isaac is going to hunt some Nazis.

The actor, who stars in the Star Wars movies as hotshot pilot Poe Dameron, will lead the period drama Operation Finale, the story of the capture of Nazi Adolf Eichmann, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Chris Weitz is directing the drama, which is said to echo thrillers such as Argo and Munich. Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Fred Berger are producing the project, which is set up at MGM.

Eichmann was considered one of the architects of the Holocaust and oversaw the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Jews, mostly those from Hungary. After World War II, he fled to Argentina, where he lived in hiding.

Israel’s Mossad eventually discovered his whereabouts, and in a tense operation captured him and smuggled him out of the country.

Isaac will play Peter Malkin, the man who wrestled Eichmann to the ground on the evening of May 11, 1960.

(Eichmann was tried and executed in 1962. Malkin went on to have an illustrious career as a Mossad agent, with the capture of Eichmann becoming a popular tale for film and TV.)

A fall shoot in Argentina is being eyed.


Oscar Isaac is objectively the best so this should be a good time.

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Shooting in Argentina this fall.

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36 minutes ago, That One Guy said:

@aabattery god fucking damn you and your weird dates in the thread titles

26 minutes ago, Just Tele said:

"Nazis", not "Nazi's"



24 minutes ago, Tree Billboards said:

and certainly not "Nazi,s"

24 minutes ago, That One Guy said:


aabattery continues to mess up the thread titles.  not sure why he's still entrusted with them at this point.


Your complaints have been noted and have been forwarded to the @aabattery Thread Title Committee.


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5 minutes ago, slambros said:

Here's hoping this puts Oscar Isaac in the running for an Oscar.

from the director of that shite Northern Lights adaptation and one of the Twilight movies...?

How likely do you think Oscar chances are?

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9 minutes ago, Tree Billboards said:

is there an ombudsman we can take this to if we're still not happy with the Committee's actions?


The AATTC requires full autonomy to properly function and thus operates without any oversight. 


So no. No ombudsman.

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