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GEMINI MAN | Oct 11 19 | Paramount | Estimated to lose 111.1M

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On 1/19/2019 at 9:23 PM, The Futurist said:

Lol at today's "cinephiles", fake guardians  of the Movie Temple, happy to keep people in the dark ages of movie technology, for what, 120 years ?

 It s amazing to me how these people are anti-progress, reminds of certain groups of the past I won't name.

Try to keep your prose consistent ;)


Like you said nothing new, I am sure when speaking/color/3D got popular in the 50s cinephile pushed anti progress views.


Come with pro and negative, technology need to be better enough to catch on (and do very much when it is the case like colors, sound, editing etc...)

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On 4/4/2019 at 10:45 PM, Jake Gittes said:

if us cinephiles had any say about it all movies would still be two minutes long, no sound, showing people walking out of factories

Scary thouht.

Glad technology in theaters is pushed by and for audiences.

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Just now, The Futurist said:

Scary thouht.

Glad technology in theaters is pushed by and for audiences.

Look at the popularity of the regular 2D option versus everything else when the option is available in the last 60 year's, audience enthusiasm toward high fps, HDR, 3D, etc.... in their home.


Lot of it, not sure is pushed by audience (and lot of it not sure for either), lot of change is motivated as a anti-"piracy" measure, movies stopped being 4:3 in theater to distinguish them from television and create an incentive to pay to see them in theater instead of  on TV, not something pushed by and for audience.

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The Hobbit 60 (or 48 fps can't remember)  shitshow was a delight.

Uneducated people giving their opinions on things they don't understand was a sight to behold.

But here s the catch :


those idiots were believed, their illiterate words became gospel.


The Dark Ages are here.

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