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Eric Atreides

Hellfest l Lionsgate l September 28, 2018

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And just in time for Halloween next year, there’s Hellfest from CBS/Lionsgate on October 12. Directed by Gregory Plotkin, it follows a costumed killer who enters a seasonal horror theme park on Halloween night and begins murdering with impunity in front of crowds. Only thing is, they think it’s all part of the show. Hellfest will open versus Universal’s Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, which stars Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy and was directed by La La Land Oscar winner Damien Chazelle.


In 2018, we're having two movies about horror theme parks only 3 weeks apart. :lol: 

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Sometimes it's fun to see how a box office battle plays out (Mirror Mirror vs. Snow White & The Huntsman for example). This versus the next Goosebumps will be really interesting to observe. One is light, and one is dark, just like the aforementioned favorite battle above.

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1 hour ago, CoolEric258 said:



Amy Forsyth, Reign Edwards, and Bex Taylor-Klaus, whoever the hell these people are, join the cast.


They were likely casting them to add verisimilitude to the part, probably. I think many horror films intentionally cast these D-listers and unknowns so that the audiences view them as self-inserts, artificially making the story more engrossing.

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Lionsgate must be fleeing Halloween (the movie, not the holiday).


This new date is three weeks after The Nun and three weeks before Halloween, so it now has its own window. I'm predicting that it'll have a gross in-between Jigsaw and Happy Death Day.

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I like the idea of the film, and I'm always up for a wide released slasher film. I will say that with Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers) previously being attached to the film, going to Gregory Plotkin (who's only feature directorial credit was Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension) feels like a step down.


Though I think it'd be funny if they marketed it with "From the EDITOR of GET OUT".

Also according to IMDb, Gary Dauberman (It, the Conjuring spinoffs) contributed to the script, so that's kinda cool.

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49 minutes ago, WrathOfHan said:

Then this thread would be getting inflated by @IronJimbo :lol: 

too late for that


Gale is an underrated Jim wife, it's a shame it didn't work out between them but his current wife is great too.

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