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CAYOM - Franchise by rights thread

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I'm reposting this thread from the Refugees forum so we can avoid hassle with new members or old players who missed this note before.

CAYOM 2.0 is coming up. Members new and old are scrambling to get ready for another generation of movie-making. Now, some people want to adapt their favorite franchises to CAYOM, but there are alot of restrictions when it comes to real-life franchises. These rules below should clear things out.

1. No adaptations or remakes of franchises that currently ( or recently) have films made in real life. So keep away from stuff like Batman, Harry Potter, Hunger Games etc. Some old players do have franchise rights for films that have recent installments in real life, but they acquired the rights back when the rules were a bit more lenient.

2. If you do break rule one, ask the other players for permission to make a film based on said franchise. Try at least to adapt a story that hasn't been made to film in real life or take the story in a different direction. Don't just remake a film already in existence.

3. Some franchises are already owned by players from the old CAYOM. They have exclusive rights to make the films and decide on their own what to do with them. For example, Numbers owns Star Wars and Dragon Age. Make sure a franchise you want to adapt is not already owned by someone else, so be kind to ask first. Also, you can ask the owner of a franchise if he/she could sell it to you. If a franchise is owned by a player unlikely to return, you can ask others for permission to take over the rights.

4. You own exclusive franchise rights to films you make up on your own.

5. Some franchises shouldn't be used altogether. Major classic franchises like Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park should be off-limits completely, and some franchises that suffered from overexposure in the old CAYOM should also be off-limits unless permission is granted.

6. James Bond and Star Trek are community franchises, since they have a large series of films in their library and most (though not all) of their installments are stand-alone features. If one player grabs the rights to one of these franchises, they have their rights to make a few films (with their own actors, directors etc, actors who've played the characters in real life shouldn't be re-used) before the rights return to the community for someone else to take over. Regarding Star Trek, the Kirk (Original series/Reboot) and Picard (Next Generation) eras are off-limits.

Old members who already own franchise rights:

Cookie- Metal Slug, Ducktales (unless a DT film has been made in my absence)

Numbers- Star Wars, Dragon Age, Pokemon, Call of Duty, Bioshock

Rysenkari- Empowered, W.I.T.C.H

Hiccup- Bartimaeus trilogy

Waterbottle- 24, Hungry City Chronicles, Goosebumps

Impact- Zelda, Mario, Golden Sun, Star Trek (currently)

Electric- World Of Warcraft

Silver Shark- StarCraft

BobThePizzaBoy- Degrassi

Original thread can be found at:http://mojorefugees....1#ixzz1d7agMxzQ

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OK I had, from the BOM Cayom, The Sims, Desperate Housewives, Metroid, my Magic: The Gathering franchises (Ravnica, Kamigawa, Lorwyn - Shards of Alara I give up), Expedition Everest, The Little Prince and I'll update this if I remember/can find more in my CAYOM archives.

I'd like to acquire His Dark Materials and Grand Theft Auto. I know the former was a real-life film, but it flopped in America, no sequel is happening and I would be surprised if the property was touched again by Hollywood in the next 20 years.

I give up Prince of Persia (it's a real life film anyway).

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I really didn't want Trek anymore after 48 mentioned I can't do TNG and stuff. Also there is a real GL now so yeah you can't do it.

Impact, all the actors are much too old to do anything other than a small supporting role or cameo. That's why. You can still make original stories in the Trek universe, but you'd just have to be original about it. You could set a film between the OS and TNG eras when there was an uneasy truce between the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans. You could go to the aftermath of the show Enterprise, with a new Federation having to fight against the Klingons and Romulans. You could go post-TNG (Nemesis) with the Romulans apparently being more friendly but still bunches of problems to face. There is plenty of stuff you could take a stab at.Green Lantern is closed for now Frank, since it is possible (however unlikely) that a sequel to this year's film will be made. If it seems like there won't be a sequel, then the franchise can be released to you.
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I have a great idea for a Trek film then

Great. The only Trek era that is 100% closed off is the Kirk era because of the new series. If your idea is around the time of TNG, it definitely can work but Picard and people would have to be in the background because of their actors age now.
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