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Winter Game SOTM 12: It's time for Oscar to shine - Deadline Thursday 1st: 11:59pm

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Here is the Oscar SOTM. I've gone for something a little different (again). The scoring is a little complex so bear with me...


At its core, you just need to pick 4 films (that were released during the Winter Game) 


For every Oscar that the film wins, you score points. You can only lose points if you choose a film that wins nothing. 


Here's the scoring...


For every Oscar a film wins: 


Score X points per $5M it made domestically up to $50M

A further X points per $10M it made up from $50M to $200M

And a further X Points per $25M it made over $200M


You order your 4 film choices 1-4.


For Film 1: X = 2,000 

For Film 2: X = 1,000

For Film 3: X = 500

For Film 4: X = 250


The Best Picture Winner scores double (For every Oscar it wins)


If the film fails to win any Oscar, Lose 20,000 points 



So if a film gross $125M and wins 3 Oscars...


If it is Film 1: Score (2,000 x 10 + 2,000 x 7) x 3 = 102,000

If it is Film 2: Score (1,000 x 10 + 1000 x 7) x 3 = 51,000

If it is Film 3: Score (500 x 10 + 500 x 7) x 3 = 25,500 

If it is Film 1: Score (250 x 10 + 250 x 7) x 3 = 12,750


The Final Total is rounded up to the nearest 1000 points



Abstain for 4000 points


Deadline is February 1st: 11:59pm

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