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SKYSCRAPER | 236.4 M overseas ● 304.9 M worldwide

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Pretty weak numbers all around.  It might do 60 mill in NA, maybe 200 international and if China supports it, it might make it to 400 million WW.  

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4 hours ago, baumer said:

Pretty weak numbers all around.  It might do 60 mill in NA, maybe 200 international and if China supports it, it might make it to 400 million WW.  

If it open at 25, 60m is quite the low 2.4 multi for a non-sequel family movie.


200 intl-China would require a near 5x legs on a almost all market opening (missing japan-italy), Rampage did 170m intl-China from a 60m start in the markets Skyscraper opened for a comparison. 5x can happen but usually you have more markets yet to open to help it.


skyscraper early estimate OW vs Rampage vs Hercule (160m intl-China, same as Rampage) actual


South Korea - $4.7m vs 5.029m vs 0.35m
Mexico - $3.7m vs 4.932m vs $3.8m
Russia - $2.6m vs 2.87m vs 11.34m (world cup here being really relevant I would imagine)
Australia - $2.4m vs 2.58m vs 3.3m
U.K. - $2.4m vs 5.85m vs 2.45m  (world cup here being really relevant I would imagine)
Indonesia - $2.1m vs not on mojo but 5.8m total
Taiwan - $2.1m  vs not on mojo but 4.6m total


My guess would be doing around 70% of Rampage pretty much all around, around 70m dbo (that a 2.8x multi) and around 120 intl and big who knows in China but I could see 100m happen for a 290m WW type of run.


Very similar to what Damon/Cruise did in 2013 with their non franchise movie with a similar 125-130m budget (Elysium - 286.1m / Oblivion - 286.2m) but way more China heavy this time.

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It's hard to predict legs, given the huge competition coming next...


Perhaps it gets a 3x multiplier domestic. It would finish its run with something close to 75 million.


Overseas numbers are at 40 million not including China. Perhaps it makes 100-120 million total.


If word of mouth is good in China, perhaps 100 million could happen. 


300 million worldwide should be reasonable.

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3 minutes ago, Blaze Heatnix said:

It's hard to predict legs, given the huge competition coming next...


Because lot of movie waiting for the WC to end open next weekend ? Ant man and so on ?

Because new release wise, Denzel and Equalizer is big domestic but not certain to be a 100m intl, Mamma Mia is different enough in term of target audience and MI is in 2 and 3 weeks away depending of the market.


Looking at the release schedule, it will face Ant man in France next weekend, Germany the week after and the UK the week after.

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Johnson is one of the biggest draws at the international box office, but as Anthony D’Alessandro has reported, there is sentiment domestically — which in this case also translates to overseas — that, among other issues, Skyscraper‘s Die Hard redux premise wasn’t enough to excite moviegoers (in a year when they’ve already had a big piece of The Rock), and there’s a bevy of family competition.

Universal/Legendary’s Skyscraper scaled $40.4M in its opening at the international box office this weekend. Across 57 markets, starts were mixed and in most cases lower than recent Dwayne Johnson action comps. There were No. 1 debuts in 17 offshore hubs including Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the UAE and Taiwan, but overall it’s a disappointment. The global take through Sunday is $65.9M.


The movie is coming in lower versus comps like Rampage and San Andreas in most markets, and has seen soft numbers in Latin America in what is a competitive landscape with family films exerting force (Brazil and Argentina, for example, gave Skyscraper No. 4 bows).

The strongest plays are in Asia and the Middle East, but Skyscraper may not see much improvement in China when it bows there next weekend. The movie scored a July 20 release date amid the summer blackout, and while Johnson has a base in the Middle Kingdom, local films have been performing very strongly.

The top offshore Skyscraper market was Korea, coming in No. 2 behind the second frame of Ant-Man And The Wasp, with $4.67M at 435 locations. It’s tracking locally at 14% below this year’s Johnson actioner Rampage and 36% below San Andreas. Mexico also was a No. 2 bow, this time behind HT3, with $3.7M at 817 (-33% on Rampage/-61% on San Andreas). Russia further scaled to No. 2 with $2.62M at 1,363 (-10% on Rampage/-38% San Andreas).

Australia ($2.38M) came in at No. 4 but on par with San Andreas and 6% above Rampage. The UK brought a No. 2 start ($2.38M) behind the dominant Incredibles 2 and well below the Johnson comps.

Asia is a mixed bag with Indonesia bowing to $2.14M at 250 sites, above San Andreas, but below Rampage. Taiwan scored No. 1 and is above Rampage but below SA. Malaysia kicked off at No. 1 with $1.53M but still below the comps. Hong Kong ($1.43M) is up on Rampage and below San Andreas). The global junket for Skyscraper was held in Hong Kong July 5-7 including an interview conducted on land, sea and sky with Johnson, Neve Campbell, McKenna Roberts, Noah Taylor and director Rawson Marshall Thurber. In Vietnam, the movie was No. 1 with $615M at 156 dates. That’s 77% above San Andreas and scored Johnson his 2nd biggest opening day behind Rampage.

In other plays, Germany was a No. 1 start with $1.3M at 531, albeit below Rampageand SA; the Netherlands was also No. 1 with the best opening day for an original Johnson movie and tracking above SA. The UAE scored the 5th biggest Universal opening weekend ever at $1.63M. And in Egypt, Skyscraper is U’s 3rd best opening ever and tracking over the comps.

China and Italy open next weekend, Japan is in September.

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However, Johnson's star status translated into big numbers in China, where Skyscraper bowed over the weekend to a rousing $47.7 million for Legendary East. Combined with the $27.7 million earned in other foreign markets, the action-disaster pic won the weekend internationally with $75 million. Skyscraper finished Sunday with a worldwide total of $179.6 million.


Source: Hollywood Reporter


270M OS

  70M DOM


340M WW saved by China...

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Dwayne Johnson tentpole Skyscraper added $10.8m from 76 for $111.1m, rising to $196.4m including an $85.34m running total in China via Legendary East. The worldwide tally including China stands at $255.6m. India has amassed $2.8m after two weekends and France $4.1m after three.


Source: Screen Daily


Huge drop OS with MI6 


230M OS

 70M DOM


300M WW

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47 minutes ago, Marathon said:

Yes, BOM has the drop from last weekend as 77.2%(!!).

Because of China where its very commen to drop that or more. Most money comes from there so that was expected IMO

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Skyscraper added $5.2m from 67 for $123.2m excluding China, and $187.7m globally. Including China, where the action thriller is understood to have grossed more than $90m through Legendary East, the total international gross stands at more than $213.2m. Executives reported on a couple of Latin America territories, where Peru and Columbia have delivered $2.6m and $3m, respectively.


Source: Screen Daily 

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