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The Lego Movie 2 OS Thread

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The Lego Movie $211 M OS

Lego Batman $136 M OS

Lego Ninjago $64 M OS




Very poor OD in South America. Chile was the best result at 2nd (behind Dragons third thursday). In Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay it was 5th.

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4th in Brasil and Perú. In the latter, OD is less than half of the first one... 


Unless you are Frozen or something, animated movies can't have the luxury of bombing in Latin America if they want to have a good OS run. The markets here are too disproportionately big for animation. 



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I watched the movie yesterday, five people in the session. Two weeks ago there was nothing 'marketing' for the movie in my theater, I watched 'How to Train Your Dragon' and 'Wreck-It Ralph' and did not see the trailer for 'The LEGO Movie 2'. Yesterday already had two great displays of the film, a little late do not think?

About the movie, it may sound a bit confusing to kids, but I liked it. It is clear that the film is produced for countries that have English as the official language, especially the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. It is almost certain that there will be no release in China, I believe it is the best thing to do, because it will almost certainly fail!

I think: At least OS I believe that PLAYMOBIL: The Movie (LEGO rival) will do more than 'The LEGO Movie 2'.

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