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Tower Heist2:55PMAbout 30% full I'm going to guess.Trailers (all were really bad-okay Safe House looks decent):J. Edgar-Bleh.Breaking Dawn-No comment.My Week with Marylin-Meh. Though the music was from A Beautiful Mind.The Grey-Could be good. Kind of unusre to what this was.American Reuinon-Bleh.Safe House-Couldn't figure this out at first, could be good though.Movie: Really funny. Stiller really made me laugh. Some nice movie refrences as well. And the Steve McQueen line made the entire audience laugh so hard.A-

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The Adventures of Tin Tin

11/08/11, 8:15 PM

Ahmedabad India

70% in a 353 seater


Jack & Jill

Puss in Boots


Fantastic entertainer. It is filled with action, crisp editing, funny moments. Loved it.

A fan of Tin Tin since my childhood days. The SMA is incredible and the movie is very bright unlike many 3D movies.


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The Help

I hadn't seen it in a while and I've seen pretty much everything worth seeing that's still playing so I decided to see it one more time on discount Tuesday.

53 people in the small 110 seat theater, pretty decent sized crowd considering how long it has been out.


Breaking Dawn


The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The crowd acted as expected, lots of laughs with anything "pie" related, more than a few sniffles during the movie and at the end.

It has had a solid boxoffice run, a shame it looks like it will fall just short of Bridesmaids for the #10 spot for the year (up until this point)

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The Immortals (2D)6:30PM today250 seats I think around 32 peopleTrailers: (no reaction to any of them)TwilightMission ImpossibleGirl With The Dragon TattooFilm was better than I expected. Crowd reaction seemed to enjoy it going by the reactions I heard when it finished.

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5:20 showing in 3D ULTRA AVX

420 seat theater SOLD OUT!

I have to say if this theater is any indication this movie is massively underestimated. I was actually planning to see the 2:40 showing and didn't think there was any need to get there early, the movie only had lukewarm reviews, it was in the biggest theater and it was the first show of the day, not to mention the price is $17.50 for 3D ULTRA AVX, so I was expecting the theater to be less than half full. I got there 20 minutes before showtime and there were exactly 12 seats left, all in the first 2 rows (AVX is reserved seating so you can see exactly what seats are left). I opted to see the 5:20 instead and even that was 60% full over 2 1/2 hours before start time. As I exited I could see the next showing was sold out already.

The crowd seemed to like it, not hugely enthusiastic but overall a good reaction, especially during some of the stylized fight scenes. It was better than I was expecting. Rourke makes a good villain, maybe just a tad over the top.

I know it's a holiday but the theater was just buzzing, Puss In Boots was selling out a lot of showings on both its screens (1 3D and 1 2D), other movies seemed busy but I didn't see any posted sell outs.

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I saw AVHAKC3D last night. There were only 6 people at a 5:45pm showing.The Sitter - StupidSherlock Holmes - WhateverGhost Protocol - CoolProject X - MehDarkest Hour - LameWanderlust - OKIt was pretty funny. There weren't too many big laughs that weren't in the trailers, but I definitely enjoyed myself. I'd give it a solid B.

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J. Edgar

Saturday, 12:45 PM

Attendance: ~100 people, mainly adults and the geriatric crowd (seriously the guy sitting next to me had to have been 80, though it's obvious why this would interest them)

Trailers- was a bit late so only caught a few

New Year's Eve- bleh

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close- Another bleh, though the shot of the WTC is powerful

Safe House- looks pretty good


Will save my full reaction for GTM but I can see why it go mixed reviews. Leo and Arnie Hammer were good but the film lacked focus and had terrible pacing. There were more people who showed up than I was expecting but I couldn't tell whether they liked it or not. There were no notable crowd reactions at any point during the film except after a few vulgar comments by Nixon.

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Tower HeistSaturday, 9:40PM192 seats, 40% FullTrailersAlvin and the Chipmunks 3 - Laughs from the audience, it will be huge...In Time - NRSherlock Holmes 2 - NRMovie: It was a good comedy. Murphy stole the show.

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J. Edgar1:15 30% fullTrailers:Extremely Loud and Incredibly CloseNew Years EveRed TailsDragon TattooOne For The MoneyJ. Edgar started off slow but got more interestingas it went on. Critics are being too harshon this movie. The back and forth between past and presentwas a little annoying but that was my only problem with it.The performances were amazing. The stand outs to mewere Leonardo DiCaprio, Armie Hammer and Naomi Watts.If there is any justice in the world DiCaprio and Hammer will get Oscar nominations.The crown enjoyed the movie and felt it got better as it went on too. They werevery engaged into what was going on. Critics are very wrong about this movie.B+

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Tower Heist

7:15PM Saturday, November 12th

Regal Fenway 13 & RPX

Theater Capacity: ~120 (98% full; there were maybe two empty seats in the whole theater, and the whole cineplex was busy tonight. Actually, this was a very diverse audience as well... families, couples, older people... kinda surprised)

Ticket Price: $9.00


Safe House - some whispers, looks okay.

American Reunion - this got a good reaction, especially from the college-aged folks in the audience. I'm so pumped for this!

Underworld Awakening 3D - looks the same as the others, had some talking.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - looks good and got a decent reaction.

The Avengers - great trailer and good reaction.

One for the Money - I can't stand this trailer; the older folks in audience loved it though.

The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn: Part 1 - lots of talking... no comment from me.


The movie was exactly what you'd expect from this cast. Good humor and something for everybody. But it wasn't exactly choke-on-your-popcorn/knee-slapping/suffocating-for-air funny. These days, that's what I look for in a comedy if it's gonna get an "A" grade from me. Still, Ben Stiller is a safe bet for some situational humor. Casey Affleck's character certainly added a little Ocean's 11 to the heist story, and he reminded us he's not just the drama guy either. I'm pretty sure I laughed at everything Ferris Beuller Matthew Broderick said in the movie, which I wasn't expecting. But the real star comics in the movie were Michael Peña, Precious Jones Gabourey Sidibe, and Eddie Murphy... he's back! :-)

Anyway, in light of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the impending Thanksgiving Holiday, Tower Heist is probably the most timely film (even if accidentally) I've seen in theaters since 2008's Milk. It's definitely a crowd-pleasing premise to watch the underdogs try to grasp their fair share in this comedy, and I'm pretty sure that's why it has been doing/will continue to do well in theaters.

THE VERDICT: 8.0 / 10.0, B-

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Immortals (2D)

Saturday 6:15pm

Sold Out (300 seater) (80% men and 20% female)


Sherlock Holmes 2- Silence

Act of Value- Best reaction. Some claps at the end

The Raven- Some talk

Snow White and the Huntsman- Some talk

The Woman in Black- Silence

Movie: This film is much better than I expected it to be. The visuals and battle sequences were fantastic. The acting and dialogue were not strong but not noticeably bad. This film was much better than the trailers make it out to be. I enjoyed it better than Clash of the Titans and Troy but it falls behind 300.


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I know I'm going to get crap for this but I was forced to see this with my sister:Jack & JillSaturday Nov. 12th 9:45pmRegal Arnot Mall 10Ticket price: $9.50Theater: 60% full (mix of men and women mostly young)Trailers: (I got there a little late)A Thousand Words - no reactionThe Muppets - (besides me) no reactionThe Lorax - laughter, got people talkingReview:Before I contunine I am a huge Adam Sandler fan and even though the film has you laughing ( I probably laughed at 60% of the jokes) your still cringing at the film. Lucky for this movie Al Pachino is able to keep this film from being complete crap. I still didnt cringe as much as I did during Little Nicky.2 out of 5

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