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Eric and Cap are Now Junior Admins

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Hello! It's with great pride that I'm proud to announce that @Cap and @Eric #RIPChadwick have both been promoted from being general moderators to Junior Admins. I believe that both will do a good job and should provide an active leadership presence amongst the staff and community at large. They have been exemplary moderators who have handled issues with a good head. Eric is also a creator of some of the best weekend threads this site has seen. I believe that with the two of them, along with some changes I'll soon be making behind the scenes on how the staff works, will help ensure that the moderating staff is fair and that this is a fun site to be a member of.

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Congratulations to both @Eric #RIPChadwick and @Cap!!! Well deserved. Eric has done so many helpful threads, in particular all the various streaming updates, and I also have to pimp out Cap’s weekly Projection Room, which has become one of my favorite things here — the chance to watch movies with other BOT members even while we’re all still socially distanced. 

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9 minutes ago, Eric #RIPChadwick said:

As Junior Admin, I hereby decree all BOT members must follow Chalanism, or else perish by the destruction of my ban hammer!



Thankfully, as Junior Admin, I have the power to reverse those bans. #ConvertToEvansism


chris evans bath GIF

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In all seriousness of course, if I can speak for myself, I am extremely humbled and full of gratitude that in less than a year I've been able to not just rise up in the rankings here on BOT, but help oversee the forum day to day, making it a fun, non-toxic area where we can discuss movies and box office...y'know, assuming box office reporting as we used to know it continues after we're done with this bullshit.


Of course, despite the name change, don't expect things to change drastically here. I'm still gonna be the same weirdo obsessed with cartoons, men and writing up weekend threads, and Cap's still gonna be the same weirdo obsessed with Disney movies, Chris Evans, and TCM. We'll still continue our usual mod duties and do what we've always done since we've got here.


Special thanks of course to @Water Bottle for offering us this amazing opportunity and I'll see you guys at my next weekend thread which will be...someday...hopefully...maybe...

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23 minutes ago, WandaLegion said:

If Chalamet and Evans do not co-star soon, I fear for the stability of our kingdom.


Pfft. They will soon be trained not in Evanism or Chalamism but in the unifying power that is Pineism.


chris pine GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


(also how crazy is it that Chris Evans was in the Fantastic Four movies)

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9 minutes ago, Eric #RIPChadwick said:

You didn't hear it from me, but Cap and I have been working on a spec script for an all-male Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and we found the perfect leads.

Evans would be a fun Marylin and I am sure you would not survive Timmy doing this:


Marilyn Monroe Bombshell GIF by Turner Classic Movies

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Congrats to both of you @Cap and @Eric #RIPChadwick



As I am face-blind and as such have no idea why people go for faces without ~ marks of live, can I nominate characters too (not seriously meant)




Sgt Elias is one of the fews I always recognize... (that part is actually seriously meant)


I always think he’d make a nice .... mood pic / smiley for someone seriously pissed 😆


So... love the promotion of both of you, can not follow any ‘followings’ as I can not recognize both of them visually. 



Cool decisions, me likey - even very much 


Fingers crossed members will behave (see election....). That counts for the whole of the team!








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