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Fall | 8/12/22 | Lionsgate

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6 minutes ago, Goldenhour36 said:

This looks unbelievably terrible. If it does not have a good story or is not at least entertaining then this is just another bomb for Lionsgate.

Really? Looks interesting. The cgi is wonky, but if it is a 80 min long movie with intense scenes then this has potential.

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3 hours ago, titanic2187 said:

Lionsgate is desperately needing a hit. Wish them a good luck on this, especially with empty marketplace


While it’s a quiet market place; there’s a new horror/thriller opening every weekend in August (as it currently stands). 

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On 8/9/2022 at 3:22 PM, Eric the Extra-Terrestrial said:



R-rated movies with $3 million budgets get released all the time, in theaters and to streaming. Are reshoots really required to dub over some swear words? You can manage that with looping and actors have done that from home, with the pandemic. For some TV edits of yore, they clearly pulled randos off the street who didn't sound anything like the original actors (i.e. Mister Falcon).


But I guess they wanted the mouth movements to match the updated dialogue, though "freak" vs f*** don't look that different when reading lips. The director is also a CEO of that AI company touted in the article-it seems like he funneled  some business his own way and probably got the studio to pay for it. Props to the hustle, in that case...



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Looks interesting to me. unfortunately my local theater isn't playing it. so not sure I'll be able to get out of town to see it. 1h 45ms seems long for this kind of movie though. 

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