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Best Debut Films by directors?

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So after browsing that page for Best First Film of any given year and wondering what 2022's could be, I thought it would be worth having a discussion of debut features from any given director.


There's the famous Citizen Kane of course. And The 400 Blows. And Breathless by Godard, may he rest in peace.


I can see that they've given this award from the New York Critics Circle to directors such as Spike Jonze, Todd Field, Bennett Miller, Sarah Polley, Steve McQueen, Ryan Coogler, Jordan Peele and Bo Burnham. All good company to be in if you're a director.


I must confess I haven't heard of ALL the winners in every year though.

So what about you? What are some good (edit) debuts that I haven't thought of?

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4 minutes ago, Reddroast said:

M. Night, Neil Blomkamp and Jordan Peele come to mind

Most people don't know what M. Night's Debut was. I mean I haven't seen it. He directed two movies before Sixth Sense, when he became big.


District 9 looks really cool, I should check it out though.

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