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SURVIVOR PANDORA Episode Five: "Nothing But Heartache"

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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


SLAM!: Welcome, everyone, to the merge tribe! Your merge tribe is called the




The Dark Alfred: Sick title, dude!

M37: Heck yeah! Wait… Where’s Eric?

AN9815: Huh… Agafin’s not here…

SLAM!: I will give everyone time to settle into the Mountain Banshees barracks and get to know each other before the challenge starts. See you in a couple hours!




Cut to the barracks, where AN9815, Fancyarcher, and Ethan Hunt are talking.

AN9815: Agafin… He’s really out!

Fancyarcher: And as much as I love data and numbers, even I couldn’t have predicted that.

Ethan Hunt: This season is a lot harder than I thought. Things can change on a dime.

AN9815: I’m going to go further in this game… And I’m doing it for Agafin!

Fancyarcher: Same here. I shall play hard to spite the wheel!

Ethan Hunt: For Agafin.

They fist-bump.


Confessional – AN9815: I have no idea who cast that vote for Agafin… (flashback to Eric Adam casting the sole Agafin/NannerManCan vote) …But I will not rest until I find the players who voted out my best friend! I’m getting my revenge!

Confessional – Ethan Hunt: How did I get into that conversation? Right place at the right time, I guess. At least it was a chance to stir the pot.


Meanwhile, M37 walks up to Gokai Red and NannerManCan.

M37: You guys got Eric out?! Nice job, you guys!

Gokai Red: Hate to break it to you, but that wasn’t us.

NannerManCan: Our sights were aimed elsewhere…

M37: Huh? What do you mean?

Gokai and Nanner glare at each other. M37 realizes.

Gokai Red: Just wait until I go Super Saiyan. You’ll be packing in a heartbeat.

NannerManCan: You’re talking to a forklift operator. I go Super Saiyan every day at work.

They turn the other way and cross their arms.


Confessional – M37: My allies are turning against each other and it’s only week five. Great.


Meanwhile, DAJK walks up to YM!.

DAJK: Hey, YM!


DAJK: Amnesia.

YM!: What?

DAJK: I said that first so you wouldn’t block your ears this time. But yeah. I had Amnesia. That’s why I didn’t remember what I did last week. But now I remember—I got you voted out. And for that, I’m sorry!

YM!: …I see. Yeah, I guess we can bury the hatchet. New game new dynamics, after all.

DAJK: Friend zone?

YM!: Friend zone.

They hug.


Confessional – YM!: Do I trust DAJK? Not entirely. But it’s to keep up appearances, because if I tell him upright “I don’t trust you,” he could decide to target me. I’d rather have him believe we’re all good than have him believe I’m skeptical.

Confessional – DAJK: I feel like I’m off the hook now that we’ve buried the hatchet! Now I can focus on taking Ethan’s advice and playing some Ice Cold Gameplay!


Meanwhile, Reddroast walks into The Dark Alfred’s room.

The Dark Alfred: Hey Redd. That was a gnarly move with those Icees, man.

Reddroast: Thanks! I was expecting my score to be that high. I guess it all worked out.

Silence for a minute. Then Reddroast sees what The Dark Alfred.

Reddroast: Is that a compact mirror? And what’s with the makeup?

The Dark Alfred: Oh, this. I smoke so much weed that I get dark spots under my eyes, and I put some touch-ups under my eyes to cover the splotches. It’s something I’m self-conscious about.

Reddroast: Cool. Well, I won’t keep you then.

Reddroast checks to see with Alfred’s distracted. Then he slips something into Alfred’s Ziploc bag of weed and steps out.


A few minutes later, Cap and ZeeSoh walk into the room, right when The Dark Alfred finishes the touch-up.

Cap: Hey Alfred. We’re looking for my Captain America Funko Pop!. Have you seen it around?

The Dark Alfred: Nah, man.

ZeeSoh: Well, it was worth a shot—woah. Wait a minute.

ZeeSoh reaches into the bag of weed and pulls out the Funko Pop!.

ZeeSoh: I found it in the weed.

The Dark Alfred: Uh…

Cap: Alfred? Is there anything you want to tell us?

The Dark Alfred: I did not put that there.

Cap: Well, then why was it in your weed?

A lightbulb flashes above Alfred’s head.

The Dark Alfred: Reddroast was the last person in here. Maybe he slipped it in…

Cap: That’s a strong accusation. ZeeSoh, what do you think?

ZeeSoh: Let’s consider who we’re dealing with. He’s The Dark Alfred, and one would think he’s always too stoned to be up to sneaky stuff.


Confessional – The Dark Alfred: That’s what I want other players to think, of course.


Cap: He can’t be stoned all the time! You see his eyes, right? No dark circles. There’s nothing on his face to tell us that he’s stoned right now.

The Dark Alfred gulps.

ZeeSoh: We’re Cap & ZeeSoh, right? Shouldn’t our suspicion be unanimous?

The Dark Alfred: Cap and what now?

Cap: Uh, nothing! Nothing! He said uh… Snap and… Uh… Veto!

The Dark Alfred: Oh, okay.

Cap and ZeeSoh hurry out of the room. The Dark Alfred grins, because he knows what’s up…




Coinsterdam Manager: Step right up!

M37 returns to Coinsterdam.

M37: Hi again, mister manager. My allies are going crazy… I need to put matters into my own hands and win me some moo-lah.

Coinsterdam Manager: Alrighty! That’ll be -5%!


M37 pulls the lever. The slots spin…



  1  16  3  23  4  2  6


Coinsterdam Manager: You lose!

M37: :bash:


Confessional - M37: Smile might as well be called Jaws, the way it's chomping on Halloween. If Smile hadn't over performed, I would've had it...




Everyone steps into a white room with a long, Olympic pool sized hallway. There’s a laser security maze in the hallway, just like the ones you see in superspy movies.


SLAM!: Welcome to the Laser Maze. Here to explain the rules is the challenge’s guest host, the one and only Dwayne Johnson. Take it away, The Rock!

Dwayne Johnson: Thank you, SLAM!. One by one, players will be racing through this laser maze. The player who pushes the button in the fastest time wins immunity! But be careful: if you touch a laser, that means you are eliminated from this challenge.

Gokai Red: Lasers? More like losers. HA!

SLAM!: Why don’t we go in alphabetical order this time? That means AN9815 is up first!

AN9815: You know it!


AN9815 limbos through the maze with astonishing agility but hits a laser about halfway through, eliminating him.


AN9815: Shoot…

SLAM!: Sorry AN9815, but you did not win immunity. Cap, you’re next!


Cap takes out her Captain America shield and blocks the lasers with the shield.


Fancyarcher: She’s allowed to use a shield?! Excuse me?!


Cap steps on a laser on accident.

Cap: Ah, my America’s heel!

SLAM!: Sorry, you’re out. Next!


DAJK takes a slow and steady approach and manages to reach the end and hit the button!


SLAM!: With a time of one minute and forty-five seconds, DAJK is the player to beat!

M37: Nice one, DAJK!

DAJK huffs and puffs like a victorius Olympian.

The Dark Alfred: I believe it’s my turn next!


The Dark Alfred begins a challenge, then looks around and acts confused.


The Dark Alfred: A red dot…


He touches it and gets eliminated.

ZeeSoh: (nudges Cap) See, he’s too stoned to do anything.

Cap: That’s what he wants us to think. He’s clearly acting.


Cap & ZeeSoh keep arguing. Alfred grins…


Ethan Hunt: (cracks knuckles) Let’s see what the Hunt can do.


Ethan Hunt rushes in, trips, and falls through lots of lasers.


Everyone: OOOOOOH!

SLAM!: Sorry Ethan, but you have been eliminated.


Confessional – Ethan Hunt: I tripped on purpose, of course.


Cut to Fancyarcher lying flat on the ground and dragging himself through the laser maze.

Reddroast: Uhhhhh… Fancyarcher.

Fancyarcher: I know this method is slow, I’m not going to risk hitting a laser!

Reddroast: You’re running out of time.

Fancyarcher: I know, but I will not touch the laser! I cannot touch it!

Reddroast: Fancy, there’s ten seconds left.

Fancyarcher: (starts to hustle)

Reddroast: Six… Five… Four…



SLAM!: Sorry Fancyarcher, you timed out.

Fancyarcher: (pounds the floor) DARN IT!


Gokai Red jumps into the starting lane.


Gokai Red: It’s Gokai’s time to shine, baby! You’re going down, Nanner!

Gokai Red does front-flips and corkscrews through the maze but overextends his legs during a cartwheel and hits a laser.

SLAM!: Sorry Gokai, you’re out.

Gokai Red: Oh, come on!


M37 assumes a track runner starting position.

M37: (under his breath) I may have taken the -5%... But that doesn’t mean I can’t win.

M37 bursts into the maze and dodges lasers, doing pretty well, but he anticlimactically hits a laser halfway through and gets eliminated.


SLAM!: NannerManCan, you’re up.

NannerManCan: SLAM!, I got so many votes last time… I need to win this. So I’m using Two Blue Raspberry Icees.





Gokai Red: I—Cee someone’s not too confident about the laser maze!

NannerManCan: Big talk coming from someone who lost.

M37: Geez, I know you voted each other, but can we just all get along?

NannerManCan: Gokai’s heckling aside, I feel very energized and ready to rumble! Because if—

Gokai Red: —you can drive a forklift, you can navigate a laser maze, we get it.

NannerManCan: Okay, THAT’S IT.

NannerManCan uses the energy from his Icees to tackle Gokai Red to the ground. They fight, and security breaks them up.

SLAM: On further review, his foot stepped over the line to start, so it looks like he’s already timed out. Who’s next?

Reddroast: That’ll be me!


Cue the Chariots of Fire music as Reddroast runs through the lasers in slow-motion. He reaches the end pushes the button, and raises the arms in victory.

YM!: Uh… You just ran through the lasers.

Reddroast: You’re right. I just wanted to run in slow motion. (winks to the camera)


Confessional – Reddroast: I actually just threw the competition to look weak. Guess I got some shady tactics in me after all!


YM!: *sighs* Guess I’ll have to win this.


YM! navigates the maze using the power of logic, and he makes it pretty far, but touches the laser and gets out.


YM!: Shoot.

SLAM!: Alright! Last but not least, it’s ZeeSoh’s turn.


ZeeSoh stares at the lasers and takes a breath.




And he’s off!


Cap: Go ZeeSoh! You can do it!

Ethan Hunt: Woah there. He’s just going and going.

AN9815: He’s pushing the button!


SMASH! He smashes that button.


SLAM!: ZeeSoh reaches the button in less than a minute and wins immunity!

ZeeSoh: Good game, DAJK.

DAJK: Yeah. Good game.


They shake hands… But they look into each other’s eyes. Time slows to a crawl, and they realize that both of them are here to play hard and play to win. It’s the first time ZeeSoh’s noticed this winning drive from DAJK…


Confessional – ZeeSoh: Last season, I convinced DAJK to make villainous moves cuz, you know, I was a bit of a villain myself then. And it looks like his drive has returned somehow. I better watch out!




SLAM!: All right! Let’s see how you did!


Everyone's Averages:


ZeeSoh: 83.94%

DAJK - 79.95%

Cap - 77.48%

AN9815 - 73.70%

NannerManCan - (64.47% plus 6%) - 70.47%

YM! - 70.29%

M37 - (74.26% minus 5%) = 69.26%

Fancyarcher - 68.85%

Gokai Red - 65.53%

Reddroast - 64.49%

The Dark Alfred - 59.56%

Ethan Hunt - 58.45%


ZeeSoh has won immunity. This means that, as everyone will attend the next tribal council, all other players are eligible to be voted for.


The players glance around at each other.




BSHHHHK. The intercom comes on. "All castaways to the airfield. I repeat: all castaways to the airfield."


SLAM!: Let's go to the airfield for a special announcement. (This announcement and the Dossier will be included in the post below.)


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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


Welcome to the airfield. Today, I have an announcement regarding the Rewards Membership Percentage Boost that I told you about a few weeks ago. First, let's put up the logo:




SLAM!: For the October 28th weekend immunity predictions, multiple players will have an opportunity to earn a percentage boost through the rewards program. And I'm about to reveal how you can earn that boost. For that, I'll need a little help. Come on out, you guys!


A helicopter lands on the airfield. The previously eliminated players (@Agafin @Eric Adam @Goldenhour36 @Morieris @Shanksstep out of the helicopter and stand in a row.


Morieris: Hi you guys!

Goldenhour36: You all look well.

Eric Adam: We meet again, Ethan.

Agafin: I think Nanner spilled something blue on his shirt...

Shanks: Hmph.


SLAM!: When these players were eliminated, I gave them the option to choose one film that's playing in theaters in either a wide or semi-wide release. This was entirely optional for the eliminated players. And not one, not two, but THREE of these players selected a film. Players, reveal your selections...


Shanks: I picked Tár.

Morieris: I picked Tár.

Goldenhour36: I picked Prey for the Devil and Call Jane...

SLAM!: Thank you guys!


The eliminated players get back on the helicopter, and the helicopter flies them away.


SLAM!: I will now present the total percentage currently in the rewards bank:




A whopping 8%!


SLAM!: Don't worry, there's still time for players to raise the boost amount higher.


SLAM!: All right. No more beating around the bush. Here's how you can earn the rewards boost:




Rank the selected films

by how accurate

(one most accurate,

three least accurate)


every player's prediction

was for that specific film.


Like this:


1 - TÁR ("I think we were accurate")

2 - PREY FOR THE DEVIL ("I think we were only kinda accurate")

3 - CALL JANE ("I think we were wildly inaccurate")


You must correctly guess

all three rankings

to win the percentage boost.


However, the percentage boost

decreases by the amount of winners.

So if the bank percentage stays 8%,

then the formula is

8% divided by [x winners]

= the boost winners received.

So four winners get 2% each.


To be eligible for the boost,

you must

1) Buy the Rewards Card (5 coins)


2) Add at least 1% to the bank

by shaving it from the score

of a specific film

(not your total average).


Let me know if you have questions!



SLAM!: Well, that's all for today. Good luck with the percentage boost, and good luck with the next tribal council. Here comes the



(Concession Stand | Tribal | Weekend Challenge)


Twist Info

Ten players answered the dilemma questions (yay!). For the two that haven't yet, I'm extending your time to answer Question #1 and Question #2 until Wednesday 7 PM EST, before I post the Tribal Council results. But because the amount of Yes votes has already reached 7, I can officially confirm that Coinsterdam is staying open until there are five players left. (A distant "wa-hoo" from the manager can be heard from a distant alleyway.) Now, if you forget to answer those two questions, don't panic; I'll manually answer "no" for you.


Be prepared for announcements about banishment and "the reason why you changed your numbers"—those announcements will come directly after the next Tribal Council.



The Concession Stand is officially open for business!


Every week, a subset of items will be on sale. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road!


Blue Raspberry Icee - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 3%; this can also be used on another tribemate of your choice.)

Cactus Icee - 3 Coins (Decrease a specific player's prediction average by 3%.)

Rewards Program Membership Card - 5 Coins (Grants you eligibility for the Rewards Program—One Time Purchase)

Popcorn Bucket - 6 Coins (Doubles your vote at tribal council.)

     - each player can use one bucket per tribal

Nacho Tray - 7 Coins (Copy another player's average score and use it as your own.)

Sour Patch Kids - 8 Coins (reduce all of a specific group of player’s individual predictions averages by 1.5%.)


Message me to buy any item you want, any time to want to buy it. To tell me that you're using an item you've bought, message me by the corresponding prediction deadline of the weekend challenge or tribal council you'll be using it for!




Because it's the merge, everyone will be attending Tribal Council. All players must send me a message with the player they wish to vote off Pandora. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.



Black Adam

Halloween Kills

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

Ticket to Paradise


Votes are due by Wednesday at 7PM EST.

Second Immunity Predictions are due around Tuesday, October 25th at 11:59 PM PST.

(I recommend giving your vote alongside your second immunity predictions; you can always change your vote before the vote deadline if you change your mind!)


Good luck to all of the Mountain Banshees!




Here's the films you'll predict weekend grosses for next week:

Black Adam

Call Jane

Prey for the Devil


Ticket to Paradise


Triangle of Sadness


(yeesh, lots of 'T' titles this week...)


Predictions are due by Thursday, October 20th around 11:59 PM PST. Good luck!


Oh, and also: don't forget about the rewards program if you want to play for that percentage boost! Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements. The rewards boost accuracy ranking will be due at the same time you turn in weekend predictions.



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1 hour ago, SLAM! said:

Coinsterdam Manager: Step right up!

M37 returns to Coinsterdam.

M37: Hi again, mister manager. My allies are going crazy… I need to put matters into my own hands and win me some moo-lah.

Coinsterdam Manager: Alrighty! That’ll be -5%!


M37 pulls the lever. The slots spin…


Me on Thursday: Hmm, I have Smile below $9 mil, Halloween isn't going to drop that much, maybe I should give Coinsterdam a go ...


Me on Friday:


Arrested Development Mistake GIF


I might just have a gambling problem 😞

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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh

Please remember to submit Tuesday immunity predictions tonight by 11:59 PM PST if you have not already! Votes are due tomorrow by 7 PM EST as well.


I will say, Tuesday predictions are technically optional, but I highly recommend submitting predictions anyway because you can never know for sure where the votes are going to land! Predictions just might save your games!


Good luck!

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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


Because Tuesday estimates are trickling in, I’ll officially the deadline “passed”—but there’s still time to vote! The vote will be due around 7 PM EST, so you have about seven hours.




- Weekend immunity winners who don’t vote get a -10% deduction from the next weekend score


- For everyone else, if you don’t vote, that means it’s a self-vote—which is dangerous because in Survivor Pandora, anything can happen!


- And there’s still time to answer those dilemma questions if you haven’t already!


Good luck!

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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh




Everyone enters the tribal council arena.


SLAM!: Hi again! Welcome to the Mountain Banshees's first tribal council, where one of you will become the sixth player voted out of Survivor: Pandora!

ZeeSoh: You know it!

Ethan Hunt: Let's get it done.

The Dark Alfred: Heck yeah, Shaka-Brah!

M37: I guess donuts never stay a dozen. Cuz they're taken out of the box and eaten one by one!

DAJK: (side-eyes M37)

SLAM!: Welp, it's time to vote!


*Voting sound effects—swoosh, skadoosh.*



SLAM!: All right. If anyone has an advantage and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

YM!: (strokes his chin)

Fancyarcher: (bites his nails)

AN9815: ...



AN9815: I'm playing a Blue Raspberry Icee!




SLAM!: All right. AN9815 will receive a +3% increase on his score. First vote—

YM!: Wait!



YM!: I want a double vote!




Everybody gasps.


SLAM!: All right. Let's reveal the—

Cap: Hold on a minute, SLAM!...



Cap: I'm playing a Cactus Icee against M37.




More gasping!

M37: But... We deserted the Weeping Willows together! I thought we had a special vibe going!

Cap: We kinda abandoned the Willows for different reasons though...

M37: But... Why me?!

Cap: (exaggerated shrugging)

M37: That's a concerningly nonverbal answer!

DAJK: (stares down in silence)

M37: Hey DAJK... Did you know Cap was up to this?

DAJK: (stays silent)

M37: DAJK... What happening?

DAJK: ...





DAJK: Your demise. That's what's happening.

(M37's jaw drops.)

SLAM!: It's official: DAJK has added another -3% decrease on M37's score on top of Cap's.

M37: 😧😩😣 Uh-oh.






SLAM!: All right. Now I can reveal the votes!

NannerManCan: Wait. What about second immunity?

SLAM!: *sighs* Guess I'm jumping the gun. All right, here's who won second immunity:



CAP wins immunity with an 86.65% score!


Cap leans back.

Cap: Not that I needed it of course.

M37: You femme fatale!

Cap winks.


Confessional - Cap: The best way to make sure your target doesn't win immunity is to win it yourself. 😉


First vote:




Second vote:


Ethan Hunt


Third vote:


Gokai Red (self-vote)


Gokai Red: Boom shakalaka!

NannerManCan: Bold strategy cotton, let's see if that pays off.

Gokai Red: Oh, we're referencing Dodgeball?! If you can drive a forklift, you can dodge a ball?!

NannerManCan: You asked for it!

They fight again.


Fourth vote:




Fifth vote:




Sixth vote:




Seventh vote:




Eighth vote:




Ninth vote: 




Tenth vote:




Eleventh vote:




Sixth player voted out of Survivor Pandora...








SLAM!: That's six votes, and that's enough. Please bring me your torch.

M37: Yeesh... You got me.

M37 takes his torch to SLAM!.

SLAM!: M37? The tribe has spoken.

SLAM! snuffs the torch.

M37: If there's a grander reason behind this, I respect it. But I wanted to stay in the game a little longer...

SLAM!: Time for you to go.

M37 shakes his head and walks off.


The camera zooms in on DAJK, who stares menacingly at M37 as he goes...


Confessional - M37: Can't say I'm not surprised. Well, I am surprised. But also not. Does getting 12th place ruin the experience though? Definitely not. I still had fun regardless.


Intercom: All castaways to the airfield. I repeat: all castaways to the airfield.

SLAM!: You heard the intercom! Get to the airfield for a special announcement!




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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


SLAM!: Welcome back to the airfield! It's time to give you information on this week's major twist.

The Candy Man: Hold your horses!



The Candy Man (played by David Harbour) dances in, sporting a "candy shop owner" outfit and a fancy wooden cane.


The Candy Man: 🎵 Who can increase your odds of getting further, oh The Candy Man can! 🎵

YM!: That's not the Candyman I'm a fan of.

The Candy Man: NO! ENOUGH!

The Candy Man adjusts his tie.

The Candy Man: I have a special announcement regarding the Sour Patch Kids item!




The Candy Man: Our factory has been tinkering away at our recipes to improve our products. And we just made a major breakthrough that allowed us to make Sour Patch Kids even more sour than they already were! This means that the percentage amount the Sour Patch Kids advantage takes away from a group of other players' scores has risen to 1.5% from the original 0.5%. That's half a Cactus Icee on multiple players! And we're keeping the price at 8 coins out of respect for our customers. Back to you, SLAM!.


*The Candy Man waltzes away.*


SLAM!: All right. So now that the impromptu announcement is out of the way, it's time to SPIN THE WHEEL and discover who will be banished this week.

Fancyarcher: The wheel... My nemesis... 😡

SLAM!: Remember, banishment doesn't necessarily mean you're out of the game; it only means you're isolated from the other players for all of next episode. You can't vote someone out, nor can you be voted out. All right, let's spin the wheel!



*spinning noises...*



*the wheel creaks as it slows...*



*With seven names on the wheel, yielding a 14.29% chance of getting selected...*



The wheel lands on ZEESOH.


ZeeSoh: Welp. Looks like I'm banished!

Cap: You got this, ZeeSoh. Break a leg—not literally though.

SLAM!: All right! Here come the mercenaries to take you away!

*The mercenaries take ZeeSoh away.*





SLAM!: Some of you are about to wish you were the one who was banished. 'Cuz I'm about the reveal why players were asked to randomize their numbers. Because next week, we're having...







SLAM!: That's right, folks. At the next tribal council session, two players will be eliminated from the game. But notice I said "tribal council session." That's because this double is different from the last one, as there will be two tribal councils happening on the same night. Here's how it works:


Inspired by recent Survivor seasons, we're having a double where TWO GROUPS OF FIVE PLAYERS are each going to their separate tribal council. "Squad A" will have a weekend immunity winner, and "Squad B" will also have a weekend immunity winner. And of course, each squad will vote one of their own squad members out of the game.


I asked you to randomize numbers because the numbers will help decide which players go to which squad. This time, players with low numbers are going to Squad A, and players with high numbers are going to Squad B. Let's reveal your squads!


rndm = randomized the number

dnr = did not randomize



Cap — One (rndm)

YM! — Three (dnr)

AN9815 — Seven (rndm)

Ethan Hunt — Seven (dnr)

NannerManCan — Seven (dnr)



Fancyarcher — Fifteen (rndm)

The Dark Alfred — Eighteen (dnr)

Gokai Red — Twenty One (dnr)

DAJK — Twenty Three (rndm)

Reddroast — Twenty Three (rndm)


Again, it's two immunity winners this week, one winner per squad. And it's one tribal council and one player getting voted per squad. No cross-voting either; only vote for a player in your squad! 


(Let me know if you have any questions!)


Good luck with the Weekend Challenge!


The films you're predicting are:

Black Adam

Call Jane

Prey for the Devil


Ticket to Paradise


Triangle of Sadness


Due by tomorrow night at 11:59 PM EST (or at least before Thursday previews drop)! If you want to play for the Rewards Boost, the requirements are due at the same time!


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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh




Read this reminder, you gotta submit predictions, please send them by 11:59 PM PST or at least before the Thursday previews announcements! Or else Michael Myers will come and steal all your Halloween candy! Hurry, send them in, do it for the Klondike Bar!!

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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh




Ethan Hunt: The name's Hunt... Ethan Hunt.

The Dark Alfred: You'll be hunting after me on this racetrack, man!




Pirate #1: Yarrr!

Reddroast: Looks like I have company...

(They skirmish.)




NannerManCan: Oh, shoot!

His car crashes in epic fashion, tumbling across the track.

Cut to first responders treating NannerManCan as the other castaways watch in suspense.

Cap: Oh my God...

AN9815: Do you think he'll make it?!


Episode Six:


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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


Neon has decided to be a slowpoke with the actual for Triangle of Sadness. The episode is ready to go, and the winners are already finalized unless Neon’s actual skews things drastically. Look forward to the episode getting posted later tonight.


Here is an impromptu flash challenge. If they post the actual while I’m distracted, and you’re the first one to PM me and let me know, then I will give you two coins. Good luck with this impromptu flash challenge, and Happy Halloween!

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