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NIGHT SWIM | 01.05.2024 | Universal | final gross: $32,494,740

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1 hour ago, DAJK said:

Between this, M3GAN, Cocaine Bear, Violent Night, and Knock at the Cabin, I love that Universal is going all out with balls to the wall concepts.


Its proof that originality is not dead in Hollywood. Its just found with the smaller studio releases.

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It's a January horror movie. While I don't think it's going to light the box office on fire, I think it would need to be a burning pile not to make some cash unless the budget is unreasonably high.


This setup reminds me just a little bit of Lights Out (2016) with a green Hollywood director who made it big with a short horror film that went viral. Just a little bit. I don't expect that same success story to repeat itself though.

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14 hours ago, CJohn said:

So... is this bad? I am thinking high single digits opening for it.

How's it looking?


Apparently there was an advanced screening last night and everything I'm reading is saying the movie is really awful. I'm surprised they had the screening reading the comments.

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13 minutes ago, Blaze Heatnix said:

User reviews on letterboxd and reddit are awful for this movie. Some are saying there were walkouts and the movie is very boring.


By the way, it seems

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a cat dies in this one




something I have noticed



violence against cats in movies seems acceptable unlike violence against dogs

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