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THE MARVELS | 121.6M overseas | 206.1M worldwide

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looks grim 

one of the big chains is pretty much treating it like blue beetle in terms of # of shows 

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Usually I get a localized snippet/short clip about every upcoming (would-be)blockbuster on my social media feed but this time I can't remember seeing anything related to this movie. Unless they are saving it for next week. Nevertheless, the marketing efforts seem muted.

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China Pre-sales (T-4)


¥779.300 OD PS at 43,054 Shows (+8,639 Shows) +¥331K



¥5.067.900 (+¥1.789.000) | Fast X (+9,742 Shows)

¥3.542.800 (+¥1.223.300) | Oppenheimer (+3,861 Shows)

¥2.214.300 (+¥1.353.800) | Transformer: Rise Of Beast (12,035 Shows)

¥1.706.900    (+¥583.000) | GOTG3 (+5,311 Shows)

¥1.151.900    (+¥373.400) | Expend4bles (+3,989 Shows)

¥1.104.500    (+¥716.000) | Mission Impossible 7 (+6,727 Shows)

   ¥854.700    (+¥180.300) | Flash (+3,398 Shows)

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7 hours ago, The GOAT said:

I don't have much evidence to make the base, but I believe it would've gotten at least $300M WW, if it kept the summer release date. The one near BarbieHeimer.  

It would have made Shazam 2 numbers in the Summer. Due to Fall release date, it can almost reach BOP.

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